New Features in US Mobile (v1.1) Now Available

Do your employees have mobility on their side? Imagine helping a customer purchase new shoes. How nice would it be to have the ability to check both your back-stock and the vendor stock level without heading to the backroom or the checkout counter? With US Mobile and the enhanced search and scanning features, the latest mobile smartphone app release promises to boost the productivity of your sales team and impress your customers! Ready for some more good news? Previously the app was only available for Android and iOS, but now US Mobile is available for Windows phone users.

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Version 5.92 of The Uniform Solution+ is Now Available

As you kick-off a strong selling season this August, make sure you have the latest version of The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server with the new receipt email feature activated. By providing your customers the option to receive a digital copy of their receipt, you will not only be meeting their needs, you will ensure you are building an accurate email marketing database. Continue reading “Version 5.92 of The Uniform Solution+ is Now Available”