2018 6.24

Release Notes

2018 6.24

Jon Lemons – Friday, June 22, 2018

6.24 New

  1. The Uniform Solution Cloud. Cloud specific functionality has been added to improve printing to receipt printers, opening a cash drawer, and to simplify the set up process.
  2. Physical Inventory. Physical Inventory now requires a 8 digit barcode number to be entered or scanned by default. When this new option is active, it requires a Quantity change to be entered by using “Q” + a number. This new option can be turned off on the “Option” tab and barcode entry will work as it did before. This feature was added to make scanning work better for barcode scanners that are NOT programmed to require 8 digits or more. Lack of this setting resulted in some scans updating a quantity incorrectly.
  3. Customer Import. The customer import has been expanded to include the ability to: (a) assign the email address to the WebStore login, (b) import a password for the WebStore login, AND (c) skip importing records when duplicate names, emails, phone numbers, or employee ID’s are detected. These checks are user selectable.
  4. Customer Order Option. You can now set the customer record to (1) keep special order items on a sale, or (2) split them onto a separate order on the Billing Tab. Previously you could only choose to keep items on a single transaction . Now you may specify to use the default for the store, keep on a single transaction, or split onto a separate order.
  5. EdgeExpress Beta. The latest OpenEdge integration method, EdgeExpressPC, has been implemented for EMV credit card processing. This “may” help with occasional issues on Windows 7 machines that do not always connect with X-Charge. This option can only be activated by the DDS Support Team.

6.24 Connected Revisions

  1. VFC VStock. VStock was updated to work with TLS 1.2 for VFC. Older versions do not work for VFC and need this update.
  2. Healing Hands VStock. Healing Hands has made changes to VStock reporting. This version new will be required for proper functionality soon.
  3. First Tactical. First Tactical is now providing images for their products. You will need to select First Tactical as the Connected vendor on the Vendor Form.
  4. Catalog Utility. Fixed an issue with Cutieful in the Catalog.
  5. Dansko Vstock. Dansko changed their server location used for vStock. This new version is required to get vStock.

6.24 Revisions

  1. EdgeExpress and XCharge. When contacting the pin pad, the application menu’s and buttons are now disabled to prevent the user from attempting to perform other operations. Enhanced logging was also added.
  2. Customer Export. A new option has been added to indicate if total sales for this year and last year should be included in the export.

6.24 Fixes

  1. OpenEdge Gift Cards. Implemented TLS 1.2 to fix an issue that prevented gift cards from being redeemed in the WebStore.
  2. Catalog Utility. Fixed an issue that caused the Catalog Utility to fail when comparing descriptions in the Catalog to Inventory.
  3. Setup System for Texting. It was possible to enter a non-numeric phone number in the Twilio setup for texting. Fixed Now.
  4. Contract Notes Review. Contract notes were being displayed in Sales Entry if the contract notes were to be shown on WebStore login, but not for Sales Entry. This has been fixed.
  5. Sales Entry. After selecting a new customer for an existing transaction and electing to keep the current pricing when prompted, the prices could be incorrectly lowered on items already on the transaction if the newly selected customer had a contract or discount setting. Fixed now.
  6. SQL Utility Queries. Fixed an issue that limited the return set in some instances instead of returning the complete set.
  7. POS Data Sharing. It was possible to enter invalid stores in “selected stores to include”. Fixed now.
  8. Customer Export.Fixed an issue that could stop multiple exports from working if you did not exit the program. Fixed now.