2018 6.31

Release Notes

2018 6.31

Jon Lemons – Wednesday, December 26, 2018

6.31 Revisions

  1. Easy Street Shoes VStock. Easy Street Shoes added SSL to their Web Service that returns VStock. This version is now required.
  2. Web Server. Added an option to conditionally create a combined SSL certificate. A few Web Servers require a LF (line feed) added after the main certificate. You can make that happen by turning on the option “Add LF after SSL Cert” when you include an intermediate certificate.When the option is True, this combines the cert files to match the final release of 6.30. When it is False, this combines the cert to match the 6.2x releases.
  3. ChargeItPro. Removed benign error messages that were occurring when a debit card was processed and no signature should be returned.


  1. WebStore Limit to Contract Items. Fixed an issue that made it possible to view all WebStore items when logged into a Contract with either the contract or the WebStore setting set to “limit”.
  2. Catalog Utility. The option to turn off MAP pricing checking was not working properly. Fixed now.
  3. User Activity Log. Deleting a Receiving List incorrectly logged the event as an invoice delete. This has been fixed going forward.
  4. PO Table. Sometimes it was not possible to put a PO on Hold if there were remote locations. Fixed now.
  5. WebStore Brands. If a contract had items from a vendor that were not included in the WebStore overall, the Brand only displayed the vendor code. Fixed now.
  6. Activity Log. Added items to the drop list for a few missing items that could limit the items in the list.
  7. Batching and Month-End. If the month end was not run at the polling location and all log records were sent from polling location, or the batch was run greater for dates older than 90 days, a remote location could process old log records it had deleted in the Month-End. Fixed now.
  8. Payment Entry. Fixed a regression in 6.30 that could prevent a payment for a rollup account with hundreds of accounts under it. Fixed Now.
  9. Cash Flow Summary. This report now lists the stores used in the totals when selected stores was selected. This now matches the other sales reports. Same for Hospital Sales Summary.
  10. EdgeExpress Refund by Gift Card. Refunds to gift cards were not working. Fixed now.