2019 6.32

Release Notes

2019 6.32

Jon Lemons – Sunday, February 2, 2019

6.32 Final

6.32 Revisions

  1. WebStore ADA Changes. The WebStore now works better for people with a vision disability and using screen readers. The screen reader will also inform the user that if they need additional assistance using the website to please call the phone number for the store. These changes make the WebStore’s compliance rating higher and demonstrates an attempt to accommodate people with a disability.
  2. WebStores Limited to Groups/No Shop Menu. To prevent “Search” from displaying items before contract sign-in, the “Search” option is hidden by using DisplayOnlyCurrentGroupItems=1
    in the [WebServer] section of the WebStoreWS.INI file.
  3. Physical Inventory. Added the option to Add a quantity to the last scanned barcode. Use A + Number and an item’s quantity (before the scan) will increase by the value you entered.
  4. Web Server. The Web Server has been updated to work with the next release of the mobile application. The new mobile application will improve the ability to display the dashboard when the server response times are slow. It provides a progress display that lets the user know things are good but taking a bit.
  5. New POS Logging. Added the ability to log GPF’s that occur in the POS application.

6.32 Fixes

  1. Print Special Orders on a Receiving List. When choosing to “print” special orders from a single receiving list, the store logo was not using the correct logo if there were orders from different stores. This was a regression in 6.31 and has been fixed. In all previous versions, the logo could be incorrect if the orders were 1st previewed. This has been fixed as well.
  2. EdgeExpress and Saved Credit Cards. If a stored credit card cannot be found on the Gateway after selecting to use it, the process did not allow the clerk to use the terminal as expected. Fixed.
  3. Sales List. The Sales List option to limit the list to items ready for delivery or shipment was not working properly for sales transactions with both purchases and special order items. Fixed now.
  4. WebStore Contracts. The Catalog Utility was resetting the option to verify MAP pricing when the utility restarted. The MAP pricing check was also not honoring the option to skip pricing updates by automatic procedures. Both are now fixed.
  5. Catalog Utility. If a contract had items from a vendor that were not included in the WebStore overall, the Brand only displayed the vendor code. Fixed now.
  6. Contracts. Entering a vendor only discount caused the contract to display a warning when opening a contract. Fixed now.
  7. Various. Data Merge Utility improved. Renumbering a Store now renumbers the image files for the store. The WebStore Config form displays a better prompt description for requiring stock or VStock to add to cart.