2019 6.33

Release Notes

2019 6.33

Jon Lemons – Wednesday, February 27, 2019

6.33 Final

6.33 Revisions

  1. Webserver. The Web Server could become unresponsive if the URL was changed to include extra characters for a Brand. This is fixed.
  2. Contract Report. Contract Printouts were not properly showing retail price ranges for all discount types. This has been fixed.
  3. Signature Capture. Now prompting to get “Delivery” signatures on Sales Invoices with special order items. Also printing the date and time of the signature on invoices and receipts. If the “Delivery” has a shipping method, you can choose to skip the prompt for the signature.
  4. Memorized Reporting. If running a group of reports, reports that totaled sales could incorrectly report no sales. This has been fixed.
  5. Default Zip Code. 5 digit default zip code for customers set on the Store Form no longer requires any editing (i.e. the hash tags are now removed).
  6. Sales Entry with Work Order Forms and Contracts. If an item from a contract is changed in Item Entry and the new contract item matches the “blank” work order form of the previous item, the user is no longer asked if they want to keep the old work order form.
  7. Work Orders on Contracts. Sometimes selecting the Work Order list would show an extra listing for a Work Order (i.e. “Embroidery – Original”) when the original Work Order form was not changed. This is now fixed.
  8. Hospital Sales Export. This report/export now has the Excel icon on the Menu. The Excel icon was removed from the Hospital Sales Payment Detail report. The “Export” provides all payment details.
  9. POS Data Share. The option to send all stores less specific stores was not working as expected. Fixed now.
  10. Data Merge Utility. Several improvements has been added to make the process more robust and capable for Merging completely independent stores.
  11. WebStore Remote Stock Lookup. Remote Stock lookup was not working properly with SSL active for the Web Server. This has been fixed. It is best to enter the fully qualified URL with https:// before the URL to make the request perform faster.