2019 6.35

Release Notes

2019 6.35

Jon Lemons – Tuesday, May 21, 2019

6.35 Final

6.35 Revisions

  1. Adar ASN’s. ASNs for ADAR were only working in our internal test mode. This has been fixed.
  2. ChargeItPro WebStore. Fixed a benign error being reported to our Support Team.
  3. Sassy Badge Images. Sassy Badge is now providing images for their products.
  4. Peppergate/Alegra. Products images have been move to a new URL and are working again.
  5. Web Server Restart. Added an Admin Tools option on the Help menu along with the option to restart the Web Server. Selecting this option will ensure the Web Server is completely shut down (removed from task Manager) and restarted in the next 1-2 minutes. You can verify it has restarted by viewing the date and time in the WebStore footer. To run this option, you must have the security option to “Refresh the Web Server” active. Restart Monitoring must be active too.
  6. Activities Menu. The accelerator keys on the Activities Menu were not working. These have been fixed.
  7. Contract Shipping Options. Contract Specific shipping options were not being applied when Group Login was used and the customer did not already have a WebStore account before checkout. This has been fixed.
  8. Customer List Email. Sending an email from the Customer List always failed and required the email to be selected and resent from the Email List. This has been fixed.
  9. Print Invoices on Rec List with Signature Capture. It was possible for a signature to print on the wrong transaction. Fixed.
  10. Barco EDI and ASN’s. Barco is moving their FTP server and this new version is required to work with the new Server.
  11. Blauer VStock. VStock for Blauer is now working as expected after Blauer implemented some changes.
  12. Cloud Station Message. Removed the message informing the user the station ended abnormally.
  13. Application Toolbar. Now using the native Clarion toolbar to fix an issue with the toolbar showing a line through the toolbar buttons.
  14. Sanita. Sanita is now providing images for their products.