2019 6.36

Release Notes

2019 6.36

Jon Lemons – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

6.36 Final

6.36 Revisions

  1. Pole Display. The scrolling text to display is now sent only once to the pole display to reduce bandwidth for the Cloud. The Logic Controls PD3000 always uses this new technique (Desktop and Cloud), but the Ultimate Technology pole display only uses it for US Cloud so desktop versions will continue to work as they do now.
    Some older (circa 1990’s) and different brand pole displays may need to run in legacy mode by setting [startup] polelegacy=1 in the USW.INI file.
    The flashing text is no longer displayed for the Cloud version to reduce bandwidth. The Update Computer Form displays a message telling the user that flashing text is not displayed in the Cloud version.
  2. Sanita. VStock was removed from Sanita since it is no longer active.
  3. Catalog List. Changing tabs from the Sizes to the Color tab no longer resets the list to the 1st item.
  4. Contract Items. New items added to the Contract now properly display the item description for Styles and Products.
  5. WebStore Order Store for Customer/Contract. Customer orders were being saved for a remote store which is incorrect. This could occur if the Customer/Contract had the setting to save orders to a specific Local store set, but the store was remote to the WebStore. Fixed now.
  6. Sub-Account Credit Card. When both a sub-account and the billed account had a saved credit card, the option to use the Sub-Account credit card was not being presented for ChargeItPro and EdgeExpress. This has been fixed.
  7. F4-Sales Total Customer List. This was not working when the “All Tab” was selected. Fixed now.
  8. WebStore Contract Price. The Contract price could sometimes display “Click to See” when there was only a single price for all colors or sizes. Fixed now to show the Contract price.