2019 6.37

Release Notes

2019 6.37

Jon Lemons – Tuesday, October 22, 2019

6.37 Final

6.37 Revisions

  1. ChargeItPro WebStore. The countdown timer that showed how much time a customer had to enter their credit card information was not working. Fixed now.
  2. Sassy Badges Images. Sassy badges removed the color codes for their products and this update is required to be able to get their images.
  3. Banded Images. We are now hosting the images for Banded on our AWS server. This update is required to get the images.
  4. SQL Utility. Now removing commas better than before from CSV files to improve viewing in Excel.
  5. KLogs VStock. Klogs moved their stock reporting server and this update is required to see vendor stock levels.
  6. VIM & VIGR Images. VIM & VIGR now have product images.
  7. Data Merge Improvement. Improved the Data Merge process to speed up selected parts of the process.