2020 6.41

Release Notes

2020 6.41

Jon Lemons – Monday, June 1, 2020

6.41 Final

6.41 Revisions

  1. Payment Entry. Entering payments for a large account with lots of paid invoices was slow. Fixed now.
  2. WebStore Filters. The Filters on the left side could be shown twice. Also, fixed row paging did not work properly if activated by the INI
    setting ProductPageAutoLoad=0. Fixed now.
  3. Sales Entry. Sales Entry could report an invoice as being for a remote location incorrectly. Fixed now.
  4. Report Entry Form. Fixed a display issue when “Selected Stores” were being displayed and “More Options” was not selected.
  5. WebStore Discontinued Items. Including discontinued items in the WebStore could cause a startup failure Loading Inventory. Fixed now.
  6. Barco VStock. Barco Vstock was not working properly. This was a 6.41 regression and is fixed.
  7. Payroll Deduct Amount. The payroll amount per period now rounds up if the total payments would be short if rounding down. This means you can be overpaid in more instances than was previously possible. This change was applied to printed receipts and the Hospital Sales Export.
  8. Work Order Items Report. Modified Report Options to save properly.