2021 6.50

2021 6.50

Jon Lemons – Sunday, March 14, 2021

6.50 Final

v6.50 New/Revisions

1. UniformPay. UniformPay has been added as a card processing integration option. Easy setup, direct access to the UniformPay Merchant Portal, and super fast processing is now possible. Nothing is easier, more robust, or provides more value than UniformPay. UniformPay supports various EMV network terminals and encrypted swipe readers from IDTech (ie. SecuRED, SREDKey). The MagTek sold by OpenEdge will also work. Help > UniformPay > Activate Terminals can be used to enter a Merchant ID number and activate the UniformPay Terminals without turning off the current integration if one is being used. Home > Payment > UniformPay Merchant Portal also prompts the user with the option to Activate Terminals if UniformPay has not been configured.

2. Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt support has been added to the Web Server and provides “free” SSL Certificates that automatically renew. To setup Let’s Encrypt, you will need to have a valid domain and/or sub-domain being forwarded to your server. In the WebStore Monitor Tray application, select the “Ports and SSL Certificate” menu, and set the SSL option to “Let’s Encrypt”. Enter the Domain Name(s) you needs for the certificate. If you use www.yourdomainname.com and yourdomainname.com, make sure you enter both names. Use YourDomainNameCA for the CA Account Name. Select “Save” then choose to Stop and Start the Web Server. If your settings are correct, the Web Server will create the SSL certificate and you are ready to go. If the WebStore does not work correctly in SSL mode, please contact Support and we’ll help you get this set up properly. Once Let’s Encrypt is working properly, the SSL certificate will automatically renew every 60 days. No more worries about updating and paying for a SSL certificate.

3. Web Login Email Expanded. The Web Store login email address has been increased from 40 to 60 characters.

4. UniformPay POS Entry Form Option. An option has been added to enable you to skip a validation check that can stop the manual entry form from working when there is an error with a SSL cert, but can be ignored by UniformPay. Add the option UniformPaySkipRespondingCheck=1 to the [startup] section of the WebStoreWS.INI file.
5. Daily Checkout Report. You can now set both a start and end date instead of just a a single date. If you run the report for more than a single day, the start date is set to the end date plus 1 the next time the report is run.

6. UniformPay Reconciliation. It is now possible to quickly review and compare the UniformPay transactions at the processor with the transactions in The Uniform Solution for each day. Any discrepancies are highlighted and it will be possible to void a transaction not matching payments in The Uniform Solution in a future version. This view can be used to verify your deposits match what is expected in The Uniform Solution. To use this new feature, select Home > Payment > UniformPay Deposit Reconciliation to set the parameters and “Load” the results.

7. Fame Fabrics. The URL for location of their Product Images has been updated.

8. Landau WebStore Multi-View Images. Landau is now providing multiple images for both Landau and Chefwear products. Make sure the Connected Vendor on the Vendor Form for Chefwear is set to “Chefwear (Landau)”, and Landau to “Landau Uniforms” for the images to display properly. Enjoy and thank your Landau sales rep!

9. WebStore Work Order Pricing. If you would like to hide the pricing for a Work Order dispayed in the work order selection dialog in the WebStore, just add a “/p” to the end of the Work Order “Description” on the Work Order Form.

10. Sales Invoice Export. The export now lists the amount Billed and the Payroll Amount separately in case that is needed. Previously only the “On Account” amount was listed.

11. Zavate VStock. Zavate is now is now providing vendor stock reporting for their products in the “VStock” column. Please make sure you have Zavate Apparel set as a Connected Vendor by going to “Zavate” on the Vendor Form > Purchasing Tab > Connected Options tab.

12. Texting Counts. If you are using the free Twilio account that provides 500 texts per store per year, the number of text sent is now displayed in the Title Bar of the Text Wizard and Send Text Form. DDS-686

13. WebStore Cart Icon. The icon now excludeds Work Orders items added to the cart.


1. UniformPay Portal. You can now export reports from the UniformPay portal.

2. UniformPay Debit Receipt. No longer printing a Debit Receipt by itself for Sales Entry transactions.

3. UniformPay and IE. Older versions of IE could not properly load the UniformPay form with limited React support. Fixed now.

4. UniformPay and Chrome/IE. Some older versions of IE and Chrome could not properly load the UniformPay form. Fixed now.

5. UniformPay Manual Entry at Terminal. This was not being deactivated if the setting did not allow manual entry at the terminal. Fixed now.

6. UniformPay No Terminals. It is now possible to selected an encrypted device with no active terminals for a MID.

7. UniformPay Manual Form (No WebServer). You can now use the UniformPay Manual Entry Form without having an active WebStore Configuration. To use this new option, select Setup > Computer > Misc Tab, then set UniformPay Manual Form to “No WebServer”. Selecting to “Use Default” currently uses the Web Server, but later this will be changed to use the “No WebServer” option.

8. WebStore Pickup Stores. If you used the setting to limit store pickup to “selected” local stores, this did not work as expected and was a regression from 6.4x. Fixed now.

9. WebStore Order Complete Page. If WebStore Orders were created as special orders, the completed orders page did not show the order that was just created in the list below the notice. Fixed now.

10. XGift and WebStore. Entering a gift card could trigger multiple requests for a single balance inquiry. Fixed now.

11. Item Entry Notes. In some cases notes that were entered were getting blanked out by changing the item. This has been fixed and also a prompt has been added to ask if the notes should be retained.

12. Cost of Goods Sold. COGS no longer includes Non-Inventory and Non-Standard Sales costs that will post against the Inventory Account.

13. WebStore Product Page. The WebStore Page showing style pricing now excludes discontinued items in the price range because they are often retailing at a reduced price.

14. UniformPay Manual Entry on Customer Form. The ability to use the Manual Entry Form for UniformPay now respects the security settings for the Station and the User when a terminal is present.

15. WebStore Alert Message. The WebStore could send an Alert indicating a payment could not be voided and should be reviewed if a WebStore customer mis-entered their address on a credit card payment. This has been fixed and the Alert will no longer be created. DDS-682

16. UniformPay and Saved Sub-Account Credit Card. If an invoice was assigned to a Sub-Account, the clerk was not being prompted to select the stored Sub-Account credit card on file. This is fixed. DDS-692

17. UniformPay in WebStore with Apostrophe. An apostrophe in the Customer name cause the UniformPay Payment form to NOT load. Fixed now. DDS-693

18. UniformPay Reconciliation Table. Renamed columns for clarification.

19. Customer Price Level in the WebStore. If the Customer was assigned a Price Level on their profile, it was not being considered as the lowest selling price if there was no customer discount. Fixed now. DDS-709

20. Sales Entry API ID on More Tab. This control was showing when it should be hidden. It was possible that other open windows could have a control hidden when Sales Entry was opened. Both fixed now. DDS-704.

21. WebStore Item Details Sizes. The Item Details page with a drop list of sizes could display prices inconsistently. Fixed now. DDS-601.

22. Paypal Payments. Paypay revised the url used to check for payment completion. The WebStore can now verify if payments were completed.

23. Text Message Count Reset. The text message count was not resetting properly. Fixed now.