2020 6.39

Release Notes

2020 6.39

Jon Lemons – Saturday, February 15, 2020

6.39 Final

6.39 Revisions

  1. Sales Entry Changes. (1) The PO number can now be updated if a user has the security option enabled to update notes or to modify transactions. This works even if the Accounting Period is closed. (2) The User Activity log could not be scrolled when the Account Period was closed and is now fixed. (3) The shipping method was enabled when it should not have been and is now fixed.
  2. Text Wizard Orders Ready for Pickup. The wizard was not including Sales invoices that had special order items. Fixed now.
  3. Receipts. Receipts. No longer printing the “Bill To” email when their is a sub-account on the receipt. This matches the Laser Invoice and requests to not show a sub-account the Billing email address.
  4. SalesTax.INI Over-rides. If SalesTax.INI exists in the program path, you can override the tax for the store and selected departments.

    Once SalesTax.INI exists, you can select edit the entries in Notpad
    by selecting the SalesTax INI button on the Alternate Sales Tax List.

    The layout of the file follows INI file standards with sections,
    entries, and values.

    [#All#] Sets the overall tax status for the store
    [DeptCode] Sets the tax status for all items in the Department
    Entry = Value
    Entry is the Store# where # is the StoreNumber
    Value can be equal to T (Taxable) or NT (Not Taxable) – all other values are ignored

    Case does not matter

    [#All#] – Section name to set the tax status for all items in the store
    Store1=T – T sets all items in store 1 to Taxable
    Store2=NT – NT sets all items in store 2 to Not Taxable
    Store1=NT – NT sets items for the Department in store 1 to Not Taxable
    Store2=T – NT sets items for the Department in store 2 to Taxable