Take The Leap Into The U.S. Mobile App

Take the leap into The Uniform Solution mobile app, and enjoy the power of mobile computing at your fingertips. The time for mobile computing is now. It is reported that consumers spend 85% of their time in apps while on their smart phones. Why not spend some of that time in an app that will help your business thrive? With the 2015 release of the U.S. mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, you can easily check item pricing, back-stock, vendor inventory, and product images by scanning an item with your camera or entering a simple search. Owners and managers also have access to more detailed information on their store’s performance dashboard.

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End Of Year Process For 2015

As the New Year approaches, The Uniform Solution Team wants to ensure that you are prepared. Completing a physical inventory and running these End-Of-Year reports will put you ahead for 2016, and with The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server it’s easier than ever.

Before moving on, create a folder on your machine titled “EOY_2015” – this is where we will save the data from the following reports.

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New Features in US Mobile (v1.1) Now Available

Do your employees have mobility on their side? Imagine helping a customer purchase new shoes. How nice would it be to have the ability to check both your back-stock and the vendor stock level without heading to the backroom or the checkout counter? With US Mobile and the enhanced search and scanning features, the latest mobile smartphone app release promises to boost the productivity of your sales team and impress your customers! Ready for some more good news? Previously the app was only available for Android and iOS, but now US Mobile is available for Windows phone users.

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Version 5.92 of The Uniform Solution+ is Now Available

As you kick-off a strong selling season this August, make sure you have the latest version of The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server with the new receipt email feature activated. By providing your customers the option to receive a digital copy of their receipt, you will not only be meeting their needs, you will ensure you are building an accurate email marketing database. Continue reading “Version 5.92 of The Uniform Solution+ is Now Available”

US Mobile Available in Google Play Store

We are excited to announce that The Uniform Solution Mobile has been officially released for Android and is available in the Google Play Store! Development is complete for iOS, but we are waiting for approval by Apple for US Mobile to be approved and available in the Apple App Store. We are completing the development on the Windows phone version and hope to have it in the Windows App Store in February. Continue reading “US Mobile Available in Google Play Store”

The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server Released

We are excited to announce that The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server has been officially released! By harnessing the power of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, everything about The Uniform Solution is better. Transactions, reports, and searches are now super-super fast. And because the data is stored in a secure area inside SQL Server, anti-virus software can no longer cause problems with the data integrity like it currently can. Say good-bye to corruptions and hello to the platform that will extend The Uniform Solution and your business well into the future.

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Come See Us At The URA Trade Show in Charleston, SC. October 5-8, 2014

Diamond Data Systems will be hosting two informative workshops titled Mastering the Basics and Using the WebStore to Enhance Retail Sales. We will also host an exciting session to discuss launching your business into the future with outstanding speed improvements, reliability, and power using The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server. Continue reading “Come See Us At The URA Trade Show in Charleston, SC. October 5-8, 2014”