If you happened to miss our presentations at the URA, we wanted to give you a recap of what was covered. Here’s an outline of the initiatives we are taking at The Uniform Solution to make sure you are getting the most of the application.

We are now publishing a blog every month for Uniform Retailers and Dealers.
These articles are crafted after careful evaluation of industry trends, call logs and customer inquiries. The intention is to proactively publish articles that help you to be more efficient and profitable with The Uniform Solution.

 Our blogs are always announced on our Facebook page and can be found under the blogs section of our website. 


No one likes to be surprised by changes in the software or new features that go unannounced.

This is why we are now creating ‘Feature Release Videos’ to summarize what is new in the software and how it applies to your business.
Here’s the latest Feature Overview, summarizing the new features in 6.01:

We also released an entire page devoted to all the major features in 6.01 and how they can be utilized, as well as a feature overview of our Mobile App.


Our support videos have all been re-recorded with the latest version of the software. That’s 150 brand new support videos, conveniently sorted by feature.

We also added the ability to search for videos by keyword or phrase. Simply go to our Video Tutorials page and search by keyword/phrase in the upper right.

Our team is in the process of recording entirely new Training Videos. These will be laid out in an easy to follow, course format.
The first installation of this is “Getting Your Webstore Live In One Day”.


Here is the first video from that course, reviewing the General WebStore Configuration:

The rest of this Webstore video course will be released in the next few weeks.

Out of a survey of 500 POS software buyers, almost 30% stated they switched their POS solution because they did not provide good customer support.

With this in mind, we are building a new and improved support team that are subject matter experts and thrive on customer-centric service.

We have added a new role to Diamond Data Systems. Please welcome Kristen Timm to the team as our Technical Support Manager. 

Kristen is working on adding advanced call features to our call handling system to ensure you get first-call resolution. Done will be the days of bouncing from line to line, leaving a voicemail and waiting to receive a callback. Kristen is building a team that is capable of delivering first call resolution to your issues.
She is also building a channel to handle feature requests in the software and open a communication channel to development on customer requested features.
We also have two new, talented Support Agents:

Jon Lemons –
With over a decade of experience as an Account Executive, Jon brings a wealth of knowledge and customer-centric principles to the team. His friendly demeanor and ability to explain complex issues make him a valued asset. He is also an avid lover of soccer, he’s a die-hard fan of local MLS team, FC Dallas.

Nedra Sink –
Nedra has over 15 years of SQL Server database experience.  She has been a support team member for 7 months learning the ins and outs of the software.  She enjoys reading, listening to music and trying to find Nemo in her elaborate saltwater fish tank.


We are confident that our new support team and processes combined with Kristin’s oversight will result in an improved customer support experience.

There will be times when you need answers quick. Maybe you don’t have time to call support or watch a training video. It is for this reason that we have built a Searchable Knowledge Base, putting the answers to common questions at your fingertips.

With the knowledge base, you’ll be able to pull up your Internet browser, type in a keyword or phrase like “Webstore Set up” and all articles that are relevant are served up for you.

This article, for instance, outlines the process of getting your webstore live. This will come in handy when a specific function has slipped your mind and you need a quick answer.
We are currently populating the knowledge base with content and the first phase will be released in the coming weeks.

There are times where getting your staff up to speed and getting your store live seems like a daunting undertaking. With this in mind, we have crafted a new implementation department and process.
This process takes seemingly complex concepts and breaks them down into digestible short, scheduled phone calls. You will have an assigned implementation manager, who will remote into your machine and walk you through a guided Go-Live process.

This is useful for new customers, recently upgraded customers and stores looking to expand operations. Streamlining the training process into a guided implementation has been an effective way to ensure new stores are launched in time and efficiently.
Please inquire about our Implementation process here

We often receive questions like “Am I using the software to it’s full potential? Am I using all of the features correctly?”
There is now a feature to help you discover this.
We have built a new proficiency rating into the software, allowing you to see which features of the software you are utilizing.

This will be found under the File Menu – My proficiency.

The features are broken into 3 major sections of the application: Desktop, Webstore and Mobile.

Each section is weighted differently and worth different point values based on importance.

Right now this is in beta and is a concept under development. This is tracking features used at the store level, but will eventually be expanded to the user level, allowing Managers and Store Owners to get visibility into the efficiency of their staff.


This tool will give you insight into which features you are utilizing, and link you to supporting help sections to improve your overall Proficiency rating.

We are wrapping this up and will announce when this feature is live in the coming weeks.

For an overview of all the new features that were covered, please see this presentation file.

If you are not currently a Uniform Solution and would like to see a demo, please contact us and our sales team will promptly return your inquiry.