2018 was a big year for The Uniform Solution Team. As always, our mission is to provide uniform retailers with the best point-of-sale solution possible.

Since 1993, we have done just that. In addition to progressively enhancing the feature set to meet the needs of uniform retailers, we’ve been addressing considerable changes in the way retail stores operate by adding transformative features like the Vendor Catalog, EDI, ASN Receiving, Vendor Stock Reporting, Product Images, and the integrated WebStore. Our commitment to improving The Uniform Solution for our dedicated customers is our priority. In 2018, we made great strides in developing and adding more features which are geared toward helping you run your uniform retail business more efficiently. Take a look at what we accomplished in 2018 and what we look forward to in 2019.

Shifting Your Focus to Group Buying

Today, competition in the uniform space is fiercer than ever. Because of that, we began to shift our focus last year to help uniform retailers realize their strengths. The retail industry is under attack by product delivery services like Amazon and other online retailers. Luckily, there is plenty of opportunity in this growing industry. But as a retailer, you must do your part to leverage the customer base that you already have. The Uniform Solution makes it easy to offer selected items and special pricing to Groups such as hospitals, schools, and police departments – both online and at the checkout counter.

Getting started with Groups is easy. You’ll use a Contract to list the items and any special pricing that a Group will need. Each Contract can also be defined to include embroidery and any other work order details for each item. This feature can also include notes that may be referenced by the clerk at the checkout counter. To enable the Contract to be used in the WebStore, you’ll create a sign-in code and add the logo of your group – it’s that easy!

When a customer from one of your Groups visits your WebStore, they’ll use the “Group Sign-in” menu option to login and see their items and pricing quickly. After a Group member signs in, a welcome message with their Group logo is displayed which lets them know that they’re in the right place. From there the customer clicks links to shop the items which are pre-selected for them.

During various presentations throughout this year, we have focused on Group Buying and how paying attention to this burgeoning revenue stream will help you grow your online sales and business overall.

Click the links below to view our 2018 URA presentations on how to grow your online business through Group Buying.

The Cloud

After 25 years of innovation, The Uniform Solution Team was extremely proud to bring you the Cloud in 2018. Our Cloud technology takes The Uniform Solution to the next level of performance, reliability, and scalability. Some features of the Cloud include:  

  • Requires no additional training because it has the same user-friendly interface
  • Boasts the same outstanding speed
  • Ensures that multi-store operations are always up-to-date with the ability to update anything from any station or location
  • Uses SQL Server “Web Edition” that has exceptional performance, no database size limitations, and grows to handle any size multi-store operations
  • Allows you to use any desktop PC for point-of-sale
  • Permits use from any browser for remote access
  • Creates automatic backups to the cloud
  • Includes outstanding WebStore performance with excellent bandwidth
  • Backs up transaction data in the event of a power outage so you are never left in the dark

With over 67 stores and 180 active users, The Uniform Solution Cloud is ready when you are. If you are not already on The Cloud and are interested, our Support Team can schedule to move you to The Cloud at a time that is most convenient for you.

Program Enhancements

Along with The Uniform Solution Cloud release, in 2018 we added a large number of new features and improvements to The Uniform Solution.

Modernized User Interface

The Uniform Solution version 6.30 features an all-new modernized look and feel. Several lists boxes have been enhanced to show additional columns on larger monitors.

Signature Capture

You can now use your signature capture terminals from ChargeItPro and XCharge to save signatures for invoices. This new feature is enabled and ready to capture signatures for billed invoices, payroll deduction, order delivery and returns. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your customers will sign for specific transactions, and that those signatures will print on both receipts and invoices with signature lines.

To modify signature capture setup, select Setup > Signature Capture.


With the latest release of The Uniform Solution, over 80 reports can be exported to a .CSV file that can be opened and edited by Excel. We’ve also added an option to all sales reports that allows you to include “billed” or “not billed” sales on reports. This enables you to analyze the items that are selling on the sales floor and are not affected by “Group” sales.

Click here to learn more about the updates to reporting in The Uniform Solution.

Tagging Customers and Copying to Clipboard

The Uniform Solution now allows you to tag customers on the customer list by holding Control key + Mouse click. Selecting Shift + Mouse click tags all record between the currently highlighted customer. Once the customers are tagged, their emails can be copied to the clipboard by going to Tag Options > Copy Emails to Clipboard (Tagged). From there, you can easily paste (Ctrl + V) the emails from the clipboard to your email client or email campaign manager.


The catalog has several enhancements to help you know if your products are up-to-date and meet MAP pricing, if available from the vendor. The catalog list also displays MSRP for you to review (if provided by the vendor), and a new option called a Conversion Factor is now a part of the catalog that allows you to set your cost pricing using a multiplier.

Click here to learn more about the new MAP pricing, MSRP, and the Conversion Factor features in the catalog.


In the latest version of The Uniform Solution program, contracts are even easier to manage. Contracts now have a pricing option that sets the contract price to the item’s cost or retail price and a plus or minus (+/-) value. This new feature will help reduce the need to enter more than one contract item for styles where the pricing varies by size or color. After calculating the selling price for an item, a new option can round up the calculated price to a fixed amount. This new feature works the same as the rounding function in the pricing formulas for vendors.

Customer Allowance Available

The customer Allowance Available in Sales Entry and the WebStore now shows the amount available as the amount spent on invoices after subtracting the balance on all open special orders.

Allowance Available = Allowance – Spent (on invoices) – Open Special Orders Balance.

You can choose to not subtract the open balance on special orders by turning off the setting Show available allowance after subtracting open special orders on the System Settings Form (Setup > System Options > Professional Tab).

WebStore Enhancements

Most customers these days expect for retailers to have an online store. Whether it be to check stock, find a store location or to shop online, it is vital that stores have an online presence. In 2017, we brought our customers an all-new re-designed WebStore that rivals the look and feel of major big-box retailers. In 2018, we stayed committed to improving the WebStore, and are proud to provide the following features.

Multi-select Filtering

WebStores now allow your customers to drill down to selected Brands, Descriptions, and Departments. Each selectable option also displays how many items match the selection.

Having efficient technology to run your store is essential and we continue to invest in your future by consistently adding new features that will keep you competitive in this continually evolving market. 2018 was a great year of development in The Uniform Solution program. By introducing The Cloud, we have enabled you to stay connected wherever you are and have access to your store’s information 24/7.

At the 2018 URA Conference, Diamond Data Systems’ President and Lead Developer,  David Johnson, gave us a glimpse of all that the company has accomplished in the last 25 years as well as offering  a preview of what to expect in 2019.

Click the link below to view his URA 2018 presentation.

We look forward to an even more productive 2019 – filled with innovation and prosperity for our uniform retailers.