Much like big-box retailers, The Uniform Solution program also offers ASN’s or Advance Ship Notices. ASN’s are an easy way to quickly receive inventory in The Uniform Solution program. Utilizing ASN’s in the program when they are available, will save you a lot of time when creating receiving lists for new inventory and allow you to see what inventory is being shipped to you. Let’s take a look at how you can use them.

What Exactly Are Advance Shipment Notices (ASN’s)?

An Advance Ship Notice (ASN) is an electronic notice of pending deliveries, much like a packing list. ASN’s are provided by participating vendors and can be downloaded directly into the program. They contain information about the contents of individual shipments that have shipped from a vendor. Each ASN is made up of cartons, containing individual items that have been ordered. Each item in a carton is identified by a UPC barcode number and includes the quantity shipped. The original purchase order for each item is also referenced so the item can be properly received.

How Do I Download Available ASN’s?

ASN’s are easy to download in The Uniform Solution program. Simply select the Receive button on the program’s toolbar and select the F-10 Get ASN’s button. When you are connected to the Internet, The Uniform Solution program will connect with participating vendors, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to see all available ASN’s. From there, select the ASN’s from the vendors. In the next section, we’ll go over how to access your ASN list once the ASN has been downloaded.

Managing ASN’s Using the ASN List

The ASN List is used to manage Advance Ship Notices from participating vendors. Once an ASN has been downloaded, it can be accessed by going to Activities > Receiving > F-11 ASN List or by selecting the Receive icon on the program’s toolbar and selecting the F-11 ASN List button. When an order is placed with a participating vendor and the ASN has been downloaded, the cartons that make up that ASN can be used to receive merchandise. To use an ASN to receive merchandise, select the desired carton during the creation of a Purchase Oder Receipt.

Advance Ship Notices are a very useful program feature, and will allow you to enjoy the same efficiency as many big-box retailers. Using this connected feature will streamline your receiving process, as well as create time for you to grow your business in other areas.

Note: Using the EDI ordering feature and ASN’s go hand-in-hand. The EDI feature is used during Purchase Order creation, and the ASN feature is used when creating a receiving list. If you need a reminder on how to set-up and use the EDI feature, click here to read last month’s blog, “Connect With Your Vendors: How to Use EDI Ordering”