The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time for all the shopping madness to begin. In retail, this is an excellent time to have a holiday sale, turn aging inventory, and drum up new business. Successfully navigate this busy time with The Uniform Solution.

Tis’ the Season for A Holiday Sale

An excellent way to create new and excite returning customers, is to have a holiday sale. Customers are in a good mood, and ready to spend money, so why not offer a discount on your items to get them through your doors?

Storewide Sale

The Uniform Solution program can easily be configured for a storewide sale. To configure your program for a storewide sale, go to Setup > Store > This Location. On the Pricing tab under Store Discounts, check the box that says Automatically discount retail pricing. Once this box is checked, you’ll be able to choose the percentage of discount that you’d like to offer.

Select OK to save your changes. Now, when you create a new sale an automatic discount will be added.

Sale on Select Items

If you’d like to offer a discount on select items, The Uniform Solution program can be easily configured for that as well. Before changes can be made at the store level, a contract will need to be created. To create a contract, go to: Lists > Contracts. Select the Contract button in the bottom-left corner and select New Contract. Name the contract and select the desired category. Now you’ll simply add the desired items by either scanning the or using F7-Lookup.

Make sure to enter the discount percentage in the Scan/Amt field as a percentage (EX: 10% should be entered as “.10”).

Once all the desired items have been added to the contract with their discounts, select OK to save the contract.

Now that the contract has been created, let’s configure the system to automatically apply the discounts during a sales entry transaction. To begin, go to Setup > Store > This Location. On the Pricing tab under Store Discounts, select the Contract drop-down and choose the desired contract. Select OK to save your changes.

Now, when a sales entry transaction is performed and one of the contract items is added to the sale, the item will automatically be discounted.

Turn Aging Inventory

Use the holiday season to turn your aging inventory. Your customers are hunting for the best deals, and you can offer them a great deal on inventory that has been collecting dust.

To find out what inventory has been sitting on the shelves a little too long, run an aging inventory report. Run the report by going to Reports > Inventory > Inventory Aging.

Under Dates select the beginning and end dates. This will run the report for inventory that was received during the selected time frame. Next select the Stores to Include and Vendors to Include. Once all the desired options have been chosen, select OK to run the report.

Running this report is vital to successfully selling your aging inventory. Once the aging inventory has been identified, you’ll be able to decide how you’d like to turn it.

An excellent way to turn aging inventory once its’ been identified, would be to run a sale. If you’d like to have a holiday sale on aging inventory specifically, check out the “Sale on Select Items” section above.

Stock Your Most Popular Items

Like I stated before, during the holiday season customers will be ready to spend money. It’s beneficial to have plenty of inventory in your most popular items. The most accurate way to find your best sellers is to run a Top 40 report. Running this report will show you exactly which items are currently your best sellers.

To run a Top 40 report, go to: Reports > Sales > Top 40 Items by Type. On the General tab, customize the options to fit your desired preferences. Once the desired options have been set, select OK to run the report.

With this report, you’ll have the information needed to efficiently stock the proper merchandise.

Email Current Customer Base

You’ve done your research and learned how to configure The Uniform Solution program, now it’s time to let your customers know that you’re having a sale!

The easiest way to do this with The Uniform Solution program is to export your customer emails and use a third-party email system like MailChimp to easily design a nice email for your customers.

To export email addresses, go to: File > Export > Customers. On the General tab, select the stores and customers to include. On the Options tab under Report Options check the box that says, Include customers with incomplete addresses. Lastly, decide how you’d like the list to be sorted, and select OK to export the list, and Decide where the customer list will be saved.

Now, simply import or copy and paste the emails in a third-party email software like MailChimp, and design a quality email.

While the holiday season can be stressful, especially in retail, relive the stress with The Uniform Solution!

If you’re not a current The Uniform Solution customer, but would like more information, click here.

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