As any uniform retailer will tell you, repeat customers are the best customers. In the uniform industry, if you’re doing it right; you’re offering special pricing to your biggest customers. Do you target and sell to particular schools or hospitals? Do you want to?

The Uniform Solution allows you to create contracts and offer special pricing to your most prominent customers. Just enter a list of items, any special pricing, and that’s it! Your groups can shop on the WebStore or in-store.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to set up your contracts and group buying options, so you can begin targeting the big groups that’ll boost your business.

What Exactly are Contracts and Groups?

Contracts are made up of a list of items that you can set to specific discounts or prices. Groups are the people that are buying the merchandise at that special discount or pricing. Contracts are assigned to a particular customer or a group of customers such as employees at a hospital for example. You will also set an active date range when creating your contract so that you can decide when you’d like to offer the special pricing and discounts. The Uniform Solution will automatically track the performance of the contract and item sales.

Once you’ve set up your contracts and groups, you can begin selling to your most important customers online. Allow your customers to shop with you 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

Groups receive special pricing

How Do your Groups Shop Their Specific Contract?

Customers can, of course, shop their contract in your retail location. They can be provided a list of contract items when entering the store if needed.

While in-store sales are fantastic, the real appeal of using the contract feature is allowing your customers to group buy online. Once a customer is granted permission to buy from a contract, they can access special pricing and discounts online using their Group Login.

For groups that need advanced Billing options, The Uniform Solution is ready. Customers can be assigned to a specific “Bill To” account and make purchases “billed” to that account or assigned to payroll deduction. If there are certain credit restrictions like an allowance or credit limit, it’s easy to set that up too!

The Uniform Solution Contract Image

What Should I Expect from Adding Contracts and Groups to My Business?

Using the integrated WebStore allows you to sell around the clock. Looking at the chart below, you’ll see the online orders that active WebStores are receiving each month. While it may be a slow-ramp up as you educate yourself and your customers, the incremental sales will pad your bottom line.

The Uniform Solution WebStore orders per month