We’ve all been there. Reaching out for help and not getting the answer you need. Something you thought would be a simple fix, now has become a very frustrating experience. A bad experience with support can alter your entire outlook on a company.According to statistics published in the Huffington Post, “84% of consumers are frustrated when the agent does not have information”. This is a powerful statistic and one that businesses are starting to take notice of.Providing valuable customer service is the top priority of The Uniform Solution Team.In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss all of the support tools available to you and how you can get answers when you need them.

Knowledge Base

As our latest support tool, the Knowledge Base makes getting the answer you need a breeze. With over 200 articles, think of it as the Google for The Uniform Solution. Simply type the keywords of a topic in the search bar and the potential answers will populate. Each article in the knowledge base includes comprehensive instructions with images. You’re also able to see what others are searching by browsing the “Popular Articles” section on the homepage.

Time that used to be wasted by aimlessly searching through Quick Start guides are over. The knowledge base provides step-by-step guides that will answer your questions. You now have the knowledge of The Support Team whenever you want it. We are constantly updating and adding new articles to the knowledge base to cover every aspect of this robust point-of-sale program.

Head over to: kb.theuniformsolution.com and get searching!

F1 – Help System

The Help System in The Uniform Solution program is your first line of defense to answer questions. By simply pressing F1 on your keyboard while you’re in the program, you can search countless topics. The Help System is also very intuitive. When you press F1 on an active screen in the program, the Help System will display articles based on the screen you are looking at. Taking advantage of the Help System in the program saves you time. Empower your employees to use it too. The Help System is meant to give you an answer to your question without leaving program.

Training/Demo Mode

Your single most important training tool. The training/demo mode gives you an arena to learn the program without affecting your data. Take the time to use demo mode before implementing a new feature in the program. It will save you time and headaches.

Training/demo mode is also a powerful tool for training your employees. It helps to ensure that your employees are using the program properly which is key to operating your business efficiently. Access training/demo mode by going to: Activities > Enter Training/Demo Mode.

Get your team on board, hop into our training/demo mode, and start enjoying hassle-free learning.

Training Tutorials

If you prefer a video tutorial on a feature, do not fear, video training tutorials are here. Much like the knowledge base, it is searchable. Simply go to:https://theuniformsolution.com/support/training/courses and type in keywords to reveal all training videos that contain that word or phrase.

The all-new training tutorial section has been re-vamped and designed to make it easier for you to learn the program and train employees. All videos are recorded in the new SQL version of The Uniform Solution to address all of the exciting features that have been developed for the latest versions of the program.

Video training tutorials are an excellent way to learn how to quickly accomplish a task in real-time.

Industry Blogs

Stay abreast on what is happening in the uniform retail industry. Blogs written by our team provide general knowledge while demonstrating how to apply new knowledge using the tools already at your disposal. Each month we release blogs that are relevant to what is important to you. Our ability to provide more time sensitive tools and tips allow you to implement meaningful procedures immediately. If something is happening in your world, we want to make sure that we are providing valuable insight.

Presentations & Online Documents

For over 20 years, members of The Uniform Solution Team have been giving presentations. Each conference and every presentation that we give is meant to empower our current customers to run their businesses more efficiently. Every presentation that we give is intended to give deeper insight into the program and ultimately deeper insight into the uniform retailer industry.

Quickly gain access to all past presentations by going to: https://theuniformsolution.com/support/documentation/presentations

The Support Team

With over 15 years of The Uniform Solution Support experience and combined 50 years of technical support experience, The Uniform Solution Support Team knows how to help you. Speaking with a knowledgeable representative that is located in the United States, makes the Support Team our strongest asset.

When you encounter a tough obstacle that requires comprehensive problem-solving, our dedicated Support Team is here. We are available during regular business hours 5-days a week. We also provide after-hours support between 7:30AM – 8:00PM Monday through Saturday and 12:00PM – 4:00PM on Sundays. Speak with someone who will work to truly understand your issue and will work diligently to fix it.

While our support team is not available around-the-clock, we have developed in-depth support tools that are available to you 24/7. All of the above-mentioned support tools are being constantly improved by a Support Team that knows the program best.

Our goal is to help every customer learn the program in a way that is comfortable for them. Since we are constantly developing useful program features, we are dedicated to curating support content. Keep the information you need close so that you never miss a beat while operating your business.