Ready or Not – Here Comes 2016

We hope you and your family are having a great holiday season. We wanted to thank you for continuing to use The Uniform Solution to support your business, and to let you know how we will be improving The Uniform Solution+ and our Support and Training in 2016.

Our Mission

Our Mission has always been to provide the uniform retailer with the best point-of-sale solution available.  Since 1993 I believe we have done just that.  In addition to progressively enhancing the feature set to meet the needs of the retailer/dealer, we have been addressing huge changes in the way retail stores operate by adding transformative features like the Vendor Catalog, EDI, ASN receiving, vendor stock reporting, product images, and the WebStore.

Today we have an additional goal – to make sure you know how to properly use The Uniform Solution+, the WebStore, the smartphone app, and all of the new and supported functionality. If you have any questions on how to use any of the features that will help make your store more efficient or profitable, please give us a call because we want to help.  In the coming months, we will be creating additional on-line materials and offering new training options you can sign up to receive.  As we roll these options out, they will help you ensure you are using key aspects of The Uniform Solution.

We are Hiring

At Diamond Data Systems, we are embracing new technologies, hiring additional personnel, and continuing to improve The Uniform Solution. This past year we hired an experienced POS developer, a Marketing Manager, and an additional support person.  In 2016 we plan on adding additional developers to help modernize and enhance the WebStore, and we will be adding support and training personnel to help make sure you know how to use all the great features in The Uniform Solution.

Who Uses The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server?

2015 was a busy year for us moving our customers to The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server, getting hundreds of WebStores on-line, and extending The Uniform Solution to the sales floor and beyond with the smartphone app for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.  This change has been overwhelmingly successful for our customers, and The Uniform Solution is now more robust and reliable than ever!

The Uniform Industry

Overall the uniform industry remains strong with continued growth for both manufactures and retailers in 2015.  In the healthcare profession, we still anticipate growth in the number of professionals serving the industry through 2024 as the baby boomers move into retirement. This is great news for everyone serving this sector and begs the question, how are all these professionals going to obtain their uniforms?  Retail sales remain strong but we know on-line sales are increasing every year and so is group buying.  If your WebStore is online and you are using it to sell to your retail customers and groups – you are headed in the right direction.  If not, let us help you get started.

The Uniform Solution Version 6.01 – Coming January 2016

In January of 2016, we will begin releasing the latest enhancements to The Uniform Solution. This release offers many new features requested by our customers.  Some of the new features include:

1.  Memorize Reports. Save reports and the criteria you use to run them to a list of “memorized” reports. You can then easily re-process a single report, or a “group” of reports to make end-of-day, end-of-month, or end-of-quarter reporting a breeze.

2.  User Activity Log to Track Changes.  The time, date, and user that makes changes to transactions (Sales Entry, PO’s, Receiving Lists) and key records (Customer, Vendor, or User) are saved to an activity log.  You can review all changes made by a user in the User Activity Log Table, or on a specific record.
3.  Training Mode. Training mode can use a backup of your data so you and your employees use data that makes sense. Security in this mode prevents sales entry transactions from being printed.
4.  Multi-Line Notes Entry.  All transaction types (Sales, PO, Receiving, Contracts, Customers, Vendors) can add multiple note entries.

5.  Sales Table.  Search by PO and Show All transactions.
6.  Contracts. Assign Contracts to a Salesperson and run the new Sales by Contract report. This report can be grouped by Salesperson.
7.  Receipts and Invoices. These now print the total piece count
8.  Sales by Customer Report. This can be limited to Sales without Tax
9.  Customer Export. This export now includes the customer Tax status and Tax ID on file.
10.  Alternate Backup location. You can specific a backup location for the daily automatic backups.
11.  Automatically Get Program Updates. Software updates for The Uniform Solution will be automatically downloaded when new releases are available.  You will still choose to install the update.

The Uniform Solution+ Upgrade Pricing for 2016

If you have upgraded from The Uniform Solution Professional or Enterprise version to The Uniform Solution+, your pricing will be changing to match the previously disclosed price for 2016 found on our website.  In 2016, your monthly renewal price will be $*|MERGE5|*.

What’s Coming in 2016 and Beyond?

After the release of version 6.01, we will release a version with the ability to accept Gift Cards in the WebStore.  Next we will be modernizing the look and feel of the WebStore.  We have several revisions planned for both the Vendor Catalog and the Inventory List.  Big enhancements include: (1) Organizing the Vendor Catalog by Supplier and Brand, (2) saving the Brand, MAP pricing, more detailed descriptions, and attributes (i.e. Petite, Tall, and Regular) for Inventory Items, and (3) storing Contract items by barcode number and allowing price rounding to reduce contract maintenance.  These enhancements will help us create a WebStore that is even more user friendly and will require less maintenance. For the mobile app, we will be working on saving items to a Cart.  You will then be able to “load” a saved Cart into a Sales Entry transaction in The Uniform Solution.  As always there will be many minor revisions along the way.

I hope you have a Happy New Year and kick-off a 2016 with a bang. We will be here ready to assist you when you need us.


David Johnson
Diamond Data Systems