So, you’ve spent the last month perfecting your WebStore. You’ve gone through training with the support team, and even figured out how to customize a few images. Now what? How will you let your customers know that they can shop with you from the comfort of their own homes?

The focus for this month is your WebStore. Since it’s already included in your monthly subscription of The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server, it’s time to learn the best ways to promote your WebStore and increase your online presence.

Proper Expectations Are Key

Setting realistic expectations for yourself is very important. Just because you’ve “flipped the switch” and your WebStore is live, doesn’t mean that you’ll miraculously have a ton of business. Understand that building your online store is much like building your physical retail location, and having the proper expectations for yourself will help you avoid a lot of stress.

It is also important to set goals for how’d you like your online business to perform, and then track your progress. Google Analytics is an excellent free tool to track your online success. To sign-up for Google Analytics, go to: The tools provided will allow you to track important potential customer information such as: customer behavior, demographics, and what time of the day your webstore is visited the most.

Setting proper expectations and utilizing tracking tools for your WebStore are two very important pieces for creating long-term online success.

Use Information That You Already Have

You have the ability to collect useful information from your customer, and it’s time to start using that information. The Customer List in the software’s program is an excellent source. When creating a new customer record or editing an old one, there are 8 tabs worth of information that you’ve probably grown use to filling out. The Email field is the most vital piece of information, because it allows you to communicate directly with your customer to promote your store. The Birthday field is another way to promote the WebStore. Send out a birthday promo code for your customers each month. Using the information that is already available to you is the best way to start promoting your WebStore.

Actively Promote Yourself

Make sure that you are including a link to your WebStore on all correspondence that you have with customers. The bottom of your receipts are an easy way to convert your loyal customers into online buyers.

Social media sites are also very important to driving online success. Create a Facebook page for your retail location, and be sure to include a “Call to Action” button at the top that points directly to your WebStore.
Twitter is also an excellent social media site that should be used to connect with existing and potential customers. Creating small “snackable” content for your audience keeps them engaged without little effort from you or your potential customers.Posting relevant content will keep your customers engaged with your business. Even if they are not actually looking to purchase anything, building a strong customer relationship is important to the growth of your business. Branding your business is crucial to building a loyal online following, and social media sites have made it easier than ever to do so.

People Love Perks

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting a great deal. Adding intriguing perks on your WebStore will help drive traffic to your business. Hosting a sale on your webstore is also a good way to sell some your aging inventory, because it’s always nice for potential customers to see your entire store’s offerings with the click of a button.

Free shipping is another perk that customers love, and for business owners it’s usually a perk that can be offered at no loss to the business. Offering free shipping over a certain price point allows your customers to feel that they are getting a deal, and let’s face it, no one likes paying for shipping these days. Offering this perk is also beneficial to you as the business owner, because your customers are more likely to spend more money on your WebStore when it’s an option.

For instance, perhaps a customer only came to your WebStore to purchase a specific pair of shoes, but after adding the shoes to their cart, they notice that if they spend $5.00 more, they will qualify for free shipping. Most customers will continue shopping in order to meet the free shipping requirements. According to a monthly consumer survey, “93% of shoppers plan to take advantage of free shipping this year.” Free Shipping is a great perk for the customer, and it’s great for the business owner that wants their customers to spend more.

The WebStore that is included in your subscription of The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server is an excellent way to extend the reach of your business. Customer expectations are constantly changing, so getting comfortable with online selling will help to ensure the future success of your business.



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