Understanding how to create a purchase order and receive inventory is vital for using The Uniform Solution software efficiently. Using the software’s inventory controls will save you a lot of time and effort. With spring around the corner, let’s brush up on best software practices by going through the life cycle of a purchase order. First, we’ll cover the different ways to create a purchase order. Then, we’ll go through how to send a purchase order in the program. Lastly, we’ll dive into what should be done once an order arrives.

Auto-Creating Purchase Orders

Auto-Creating purchase orders in The Uniform Solution software is the most convenient way to order items for stock, and to fill special orders. It is important to remember that using Auto-Create is the only way to include special orders on a purchase order. Below is a step-by-step guide for using the Auto-Create function to create purchase orders.
  • To get started, click the PO icon located at the top of The Uniform Solution software.
  • Click F2-AutoCreate near the top right-hand corner of the Purchase Order List screen.
  • Select the option to include Special orders that need fulfillment.
  • Under Vendors to Include, select “One” and choose the desired vendor.
  • Select the store that the purchase order is intended for.
  • Click OK near the top-right corner of the active screen.
  • Once the purchase order is created, double-click to open it, and add any other items that need to be ordered for stock.
  • Click OK when all items have been added.
Note: If max/min values are already being used, F2-AutoCreate will also work for stock fulfillment. Simply, check the “Inventory below desired stock levels” option.   Customize Auto-Create using the Options and Advanced tabs.

Manually Creating Purchase Orders

If Auto-Create doesn’t appeal to you, or you’re only ordering items for stock, purchase orders can also be created manually. Remember, special orders cannot be added to manually created purchase orders. The steps for creating a purchase order manually are outline below.
  • To begin, click the PO icon located at the top of The Uniform Solution software.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Purchase Order List, and select New Purchase Order.
  • Select a vendor from the drop-down menu located near the top-left corner.
  • Scan items or use F7-Lookup to add items to the purchase order.
  • Once all desired items have been added, click OK near the top-right corner.
Your purchase order is now complete and ready to be sent to the vendor! Next, we’ll walk through how to EDI and email a purchase order to a vendor through The Uniform Solution software.

How to EDI a Purchase Order

Direct EDI ordering allows for purchase orders to be sent directly to a vendor from The Uniform Solution software. Before an order can be sent via EDI, you’ll need to ensure that you have been assigned an account number from the vendor, and that the desired vendor is a connected partner with The Uniform Solution. Our connected partners have a special relationship with us, which allows our mutual customers to share in the benefits. The full list of our connected partners can be found on our website or by clicking here. To receive assistance to set-up EDI-ordering, call technical support at: 1.800.286.8929. Once the purchase order is ready to be sent via EDI, simply highlight the desired purchase order by clicking it once, and click the “F11-EDI PO” button located on the right side of the Purchase Order List screen.

How to Email a Purchase Order

Emailing a purchase order in The Uniform Solution software is an efficient way to connect with your vendors. The program allows for you to customize the message sent with your attached purchase order. Outlined below are the steps for emailing a purchase order in the software.

  • To email your newly created purchase order, click F9-Print PO on the right-side of the Purchase Order List screen.
  • An active screen will appear entitled, Please Select the Type of Purchase Order to Print. Select, Vendor.
  • Click Email on the active screen, and click OK
  • Fill-out the Creating Email form and click Send.
The purchase order has been successfully created, and it is on the way to the vendor! In the next section, we will take a look at what to do once your order arrives.

What Happens Once My Order Arrives?

Receiving items in The Uniform Solution software is designed to be an easy process, aimed to make the order/receiving process more efficient. When an order arrives, it’s important that it is received in the software. Properly receiving items on a purchase order automatically adjusts inventory and makes printing tags simple. Outlined below is the process for receiving items in the software.

  • To begin, click the Receive button.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Receiving and Transfer Lists window, and select New List.
  • Under Vendor near the top-left corner, select the desired vendor.
  • On the right-side of the screen, click F2-Add PO, and select a purchase order.
  • To print tags for each received item, check the box next to Add each scanned item to the tag queue.
  • Scan the received items or click the F4-Select All button to receive an entire purchase order.
  • Click OK. It will return back to the Adding Purchase Order Receipt screen.
  • Continue adding purchase orders by clicking, F2-Add PO. Once finished, click OK at the top-right corner.
  • If there are items not on a purchase order that need to be received, check the box next to Add items not on a purchase order to the receipt located near the bottom-left corner.
  • When the receiving list for the specified vendor is completed, click OK to close the receiving list.
  • To move a receiving list to the Completed tab, click F8-Working Off.
  • If price tags were added to the tag queue, click the Tags icon at the top of the software, select the desired print options, and click OK.
Note: Advance Ship Notices (ASN) are also available from our Connected Partners. When an order is placed with a participating vendor, that vendor will post an ASN that can be downloaded directly into the program. It will allow you to view what has shipped and expedite the receiving process with the Receive Cartons Form. Download your available ASN’s by clicking Receive in the software’s toolbar and clicking, F10-Get ASN’s. To see a complete list of ASN’s that were previously downloaded, click F11-ASN List
Utilizing purchase orders in The Uniform Solution software will keep track of orders placed with vendors from order creation to merchandise delivery. Understanding how to use this feature properly ensures that maintaining an accurate inventory is a breeze.