The end of summer is historically known as the “Back-to-School” month. With that, each state boasts its’ own tax free weekend geared towards individuals getting ready for the school year. Tax-free weekend is also a big weekend for uniform retailers, and The Uniform Solution program is ready to help you handle the influx of business efficiently.

How to Set Up Alternate Sales Tax Rates

Whether you are wanting to set up alternates sales tax rates for an upcoming Tax-Free weekend, or simply need them to separate state, city, and county taxes, the sales tax feature takes moments to set up. To set up a new alternate sales tax rate, go to:

  • Setup > Alternate Sales Tax List.
  • You’ll then want to select the Tax button located in the bottom left-hand corner and choose New Tax Option.
  • Name the tax option in the Name field.
  • Next, if the tax option is a single rate, then type that in the Rate field.
  • Remember: the tax rate is in percentages. So if the tax rate is 8.25%, then you’ll need to enter “.0825” in the Rate field.
  • If the tax needs to include multiple tax options, check the box entitled, Enable separate or multiple tax options.
  • Use the up and down arrows next to Number of Tax Options to select the desired amount of tax options.
  • In the Rate field, enter the tax rate.
  • In the Name field, enter the name of each rate.
  • At the bottom of the active box there are a couple of options on how the separate tax options will be displayed and calculated.
  • Once all of the desired preferences have been set, select OK to save and add the newly created tax to your list of active sales tax options.

Note: If you’d like to use this option to set everything in your store to Tax-Free for a short time period, select Tax > New Tax Option > Name the tax option something that will be easy to identify like, Tax Free Weekend. In the Rate field, leave it as .00000. Select OK to save the tax option.  

How Do I Configure My Program for Tax-Free Weekend?

Tax-free weekend is an excellent time to generate business, and The Uniform Solution program can be configured in a couple of different ways depending on your preference.

If you’d like to set up an Alternate Sales Tax Rate with a rate of 0%, then you’ll simply select Setup > Store > This Location. On the Pricing tab in the Sales Tax area, check the box next to the Use an alternate Sales Tax Rate option. From the drop-down menu, select the desired sales tax rate option.

It’s important to know that if you choose this option, that nothing in your store will be taxed while this option is selected. If you have items that need to be taxed, then continue reading to find out how to mix taxable and nontaxable items during a sale.

How to Set Specific Inventory Codes to Non-Taxable

Changing specific inventory codes to non-taxable is a quick and easy process. Doing this, will set any item that follows that code to non-taxable. To do this, go to:

  • Lists > Inventory Standards.
  • You’ll then want to select the desired code on the Codes tab.
  • Next, select the Sales Tax tab, and select the All items are not taxable option.
  • Select OK to save all changes.

How Do I Return an Item that was Non-Taxable?

Returning items in The Uniform Solution program is fairly simple. If an item was purchased during Tax-Free weekend, but is returned after the weekend, you’ll want to ensure that it returned without tax as well.

To do this, you’ll simply create a New Sale, add the desired customer to the sale, and scan the item. Once the item is scanned, you’ll want to press “R” + Enter. This will set the item to a return. Then while the item is still highlighted, press “T” + Enter. This will set the returned item to “non-taxable.”

From there, select the F5-Payment button and conclude the transaction.

The end of summer signals a peak shopping time for many retailers, with many customers taking advantage of their Tax-Free weekend opportunities. Make sure you are prepared to handle the influx of business by setting yourself up for success. The Uniform Solution program will ensure that your customers are able to easily take advantages of the perks.

To learn more about Alternate Sales Tax Rates and how to set them up and use them, take a look at the training video below.