US Mobile Available in Apple Store

We are excited to announce that The Uniform Solution Mobile has been officially released for iPhone and is available in the Apple App Store!

The Uniform Solution Mobile – US Mobile

Mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone extends the reach of The Uniform Solution onto the sales floor and outside your store. Employees are able to take a picture of an item’s barcode to view pricing along with both store and vendor stock levels (if applicable). If you have multiple stores, you can log into another store and see their stock levels in real-time. Owners and Managers will be able to see a “Dashboard” that provides a snapshot of critical sales data that includes month-to-date sales this year and last year, year-to-date sales this year and last year, current inventory value, open Purchase Orders, AR, and AP.

Step 1 – Update to 5.79 or Newer of The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server

The Mobile App requires version 5.79 or newer of The Uniform Solution. Just select Maintenance > Updates > Check for Program Updates to download and install the latest version.

Step 2 – Download the App

The Mobile App can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Windows App Store (soon). Just search for this program to locate it in the respective app store.

Click below to go to the Apple App Store to get the app!

Apple App Store Link

Step 3 – Set up a WebStore Configuration

The Mobile app communicates with this program using the Web Server. In order for the Mobile App to function, you must have an “active” WebStore Configuration. If you have multiple store locations, each location must have an active WebStore Configuration. Select Setup > WebStore to see you active WebStore Configurations. If you need to add a WebStore Configuration, just select to add a new one and a Wizard will walk you through the process. You do not have to set up everything for a WebStore so you can elect to Save the configuration as soon as you start and only enter the required items.

  • Step 4 – Set up the Mobile App Account

    When the status bar at the bottom of the program says “Web Server: Online”, the Mobile App will be able to communicate with the Web Server. The next step is to set up an Account so the Mobile App can connect and communicate with your Web Server. This is fairly straightforward as long as you know the IP address of the Web Server and a User name and password. To set up an “Account” in the Mobile App, select Settings > Accounts. For more help see the help on the Accounts List and Account Form.

    • Option 1 – Approving Mobile DevicesThe Mobile Device List in The Uniform Solution (Setup > Mobile Devices) displays a list of all mobile devices authorized to access the Web Server with the Mobile App. When a device running the Mobile App attempts to log in with a valid User name and password, the Web Server checks the authorization status of the mobile device. If the device has not been authorized, the mobile device cannot access the system, and the Mobile App will not work even if the app used a valid user name and password. By default, the Web Server approves all new mobile devices with a valid user name and password. However, the Web Server can be set to require approval of new mobile devices on the Mobile Device List.
    • Option 2 – Testing the Mobile App with our Demo SystemIf you would like to verify the Mobile App you installed is working properly, you can set up an “Account” to work with our Demo system. In the Mobile App, navigate to Settings > Accounts and select to add a new account. Type “demoowner” or “democlerk” in the Account Name field and the mobile app will fill-in the remaining fields. “demoowner” will access the test system with the access rights of an owner, and “democlerk” will have the typical limited access of a store clerk that can only view their sales on the dashboard. As long as you are connected to the internet, your mobile app should work with our test system.