Version 6.08 of The Uniform Solution program is now available! Continuing down the path of innovation, this version of The Uniform Solution program enables you to operate your business at maximum efficiency, and if you’re not, now it will tell you where you can improve. Welcome to 6.08

Major 6.08 Enhancements

Multi-Tender Returns

The ability to tender multiple payments for a return is now possible by pressing F10-Multi-Pay during Sales Entry.

ChargeItPro WebStore Giftcards

ChargeItPro issued gift cards can now be redeemed on the WebStore. With the ability to handle retail and WebStore at no additional cost, you are not able to prcess gift, debit, and credit cards with ease.

We now offer two fully integrated payment options that are EMV compliant – ChargeItPro and X-Charge. Click here to learn more about these options and to get signed up.

Connected Updates


SQL Server Running

If the station running the program cannot connect to MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server is installed on that station, the user is prompted to check and see if SQL Server is running. If it is not running, the service will be automatically started by Service Control Manager.

Quick Employee ID Entry

Quickly add an employee ID number to a customer during Sales Entry by pressing F3-twice once the customer has been added to the sale.


Proficiency Rating

Are you making the best use of The Uniform Solution? The new proficiency analysis feature will quickly analyze your data and show you where you are proficient and where you are not. The analysis will rank key components and activities and give you your current proficiency level.

Access this feature by going to: File > My Proficiency. Click a topic and drill down to see which features you are not utilizing to improve your score and your business! If you need help understanding what you are seeing and how you can improve, just give our Support Team a call.


If you are not a current customer, but would like to learn more about The Uniform Solution, please click here.