Help Me. Help You

We’ve all been there. Reaching out for help and not getting the answer you need. Something you thought would be a simple fix, now has become a very frustrating experience. A bad experience with support can alter your entire outlook on a company.According to statistics published in the Huffington Post, “84% of consumers are frustrated when the agent does not have information”. This is a powerful statistic and one that businesses are starting to take notice of.Providing valuable customer service is the top priority of The Uniform Solution Team.In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss all of the support tools available to you and how you can get answers when you need them.

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5 Key Items that Your E-Commerce Site Must Have

Having an E-Commerce site for your customers to purchase at their convenience is great. Allowing your customers to quickly complete the buying process online is even better. The Uniform Solution WebStore is included in your subscription to help your business run 24/7.

That being said, it is vital that you protect your customers’ sensitive information. Below are 5 important items that you must have on your E-Commerce site if you are processing credit cards. Continue reading “5 Key Items that Your E-Commerce Site Must Have”

The All New Responsive WebStore Released

The Uniform Solution WebStore is all new! We have re-designed it to help you sell better, and now has a modern-feel that automatically resizes to fit all devices.To quickly update your WebStore to new responsive design, scroll down to the “Easily Update Your Site Yourself” section for a step-by-step tutorial. Continue reading “The All New Responsive WebStore Released”

Run, Run, Run Reports

Running reports is like eating vegetables as kid, no one wants to do it but it provides overwhelming benefits when it’s done. Proper reporting is the key to operating your business efficiently, because proper reporting will reveal any pitfalls that tend to be overlooked. Since numbers don’t lie, let’s take a look at some important reports that you need to be running frequently. Continue reading “Run, Run, Run Reports”

Enjoy A Successful Holiday Season: From Surviving Black Friday to Turning Aging Inventory

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time for all the shopping madness to begin. In retail, this is an excellent time to have a holiday sale, turn aging inventory, and drum up new business. Successfully navigate this busy time with The Uniform Solution. Continue reading “Enjoy A Successful Holiday Season: From Surviving Black Friday to Turning Aging Inventory”

Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Experience all the The Uniform Solution+ has to offer. With the latest version of the program, version 6.05 boasts some of the most crowd pleasing features to date. When you download the latest version of The Uniform Solution+, you’ll experience an all-inclusive point-of-sale system with features that rival major retailers. Check out what your program can do. Continue reading “Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control”