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This robust eCommerce solution is powered by SellersCommerce and their easy-to-use interface. It provides customizable sites, high-volume selling, private stores, and an expansive supplier catalog. Lastly, orders are automatically received as they’re placed, it is smart phone compatible and has enterprise-grade features and functionalities. 


  • Live Vendor Stock and Store Inventory 
  • Group and Contract Selling Plus Coupons
  • Shop by Store and In-Store Pickup
  • Customizable Work Orders 
  • Display and Upload Customer Logos for Customizations 
  • Extensive Supplier Catalog with all Product Details 


  • Customizable Framework for Menu and Pages
  • Constantly Evolving Best-Practice eCommerce Designs 
  • Professionally Designed Store Templates 
  • Graphical Design Tools for Content Pages


  • Shop by Brand and Customizable Categories
  • Private Store for Groups 
  • Upselling and Item Suggestions 
  • Handles 100+ Active Shoppers 


  • Professional Development Services for Customizations 
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Robust SEO Capabilities 
  • Sales Tax Service 
  • Powered by SellersCommerce
  • eCommerce Orders Automatically Received 



$300/month for Pro (Embellishments) 

One Time Setup Fee: $750

Preferred Groups: $20/month/group

*$20/month/group for the first 10. Any groups after, $10/month/group

Additional Shop by Stores: $30/month/store 

$0 to $2,0000%
$2,000 to $50,0001.00%
Over $50,0000.50%