Group Buying

Group Buying & Selling

The Uniform Solution makes it easy to offer selected items and special pricing to Groups such as hospitals, schools, and police departments – both online and at the checkout counter.

For groups that need advanced billing options, The Uniform Solution is ready. Customers can be assigned to a specific "Bill To" account and make purchases “billed” to that account or assigned to payroll deduction. If there are certain credit restrictions like an allowance or credit limit, it’s easy to set that up too!

Getting Started with Groups

The Uniform Solution uses a Contract to list the items and any special pricing that a Group will need. Each Contract can be defined to include embroidery and any work order details for each item, and it also lists notes that may be needed by the clerk at the checkout counter. To enable the Contract to be used in the WebStore, you just create a sign-in code and add the logo of your group – it’s that easy.

Easily Sell Online

Groups use the “Group Sign In” menu option at the top of your WebStore to quickly sign in and see their items and pricing. After a Group signs in, a welcome message with their Group logo is displayed and that lets them know they are in the right place. From there the customer clicks links to shop the items selected for them. Basically providing a store within a store for your customer.