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Connected Features

The Uniform Solution provides the uniform retailer with unprecedented capabilities by connecting your company to your vendors so you can become efficient and informed. With the WebStore, you can easily connect with your customer to sell online and provide them with access to their sales history and the stock levels in your store. The Uniform Solution embraces the connected world and provides features to the uniform retailer and dealer that no other software can.

Participating Vendors

The Uniform Solution has been partnering with uniform vendors since 1996 when it began pre-loading the product listings from the major uniform suppliers. Today there are over 50 brands listed in the Vendor Catalog and over 15 vendors that "connect" with The Uniform Solution to provide: electronic ordering, advance ship notices, real-time stock reporting, and product images.

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The Vendor Catalog

The products and pricing offered by uniform vendors is constantly changing. Keeping your Inventory List up-to-date and accurate can be a daunting task without The Uniform Solution’s Vendor Catalog List and the ability to easily download new product listings. With a connection to the Internet and a few clicks of the mouse, your Inventory List can be synchronized with your vendor’s* current product line.

Using the Vendor Catalog

1. From the Catalog List, select the "Updates" button to download updates. Once new updates have been downloaded, simply select the "Copy/Sync" button to begin and any vendor that has a check mark in the "T" column will be processed. Note: you have the option of only adding "selected" styles and colors if you check individual styles and colors on the "Style" tab.

Catalog List F2 Copy/Sync

2. The Catalog Utilities "Processing Options" are then displayed.

Begin the Catalog Utility

3. The Utility begins comparing existing item in the Inventory List for the store to the list for each Vendor in the Catalog. When a discrepancy is detected, the Catalog Utility displays a Form that let's you can decide what to do. In the next image, the Catalog Utility is displaying items where the cost price no longer matches.

Catalog Utility Cost Change

You have several options. You can Skip this altogether, update just the cost prices, or update both the cost prices and the retail (using the pricing formula for the vendor). If you update the retail prices for a vendor, you can also print a price tag for any items that are currently in stock.

Catalog Utility Costs Update


4. If the Catalog Utility finds items that have been "discontinued" by the vendor, the Discontinued Styles and Products Form is displayed and you have the option to mark existing items in your inventory list as "Discontinued".

Catalog Utility Discontinued Items


5. If any new items are found by the Catalog Utility, you can easily add them to your Inventory List.


Direct EDI

Placing purchase orders with your vendors using Direct EDI could not be easier, faster, or more accurate. Unlike phone and fax orders that are subject to data entry errors and time delays, with Direct EDI your purchase orders are sent in an electronic format directly to the vendor’s order entry system.

Real-time Vendor Stock Reporting

Seeing the current stock level at your vendor is not just extremely cool, it is more useful than you can know until you use it. Vendor stock levels are displayed right next to items you have on a special order, on a purchase order, and in the inventory list if you are looking up an item. There is nothing for you to do. The Uniform Solution will contact the vendor and show the result. Now you can serve your customer better 🙂


Purchase Order with Real-time Stock

View Real Time Stock on Purchase Orders

Inventory List with Real-time Stock

View Real Time Stock on Inventory List

Product Images

Product Images are easy to add to items in The Uniform Solution, but it's always easier if you don't have to do anything. With vendor provided images, all you have to do is to copy items from the Vendor Catalog and the new product images and color swatches are retrieved automatically. Product images are displayed when looking up items in Sales Entry, on the Inventory List, and in the Webstore.


Communicating with your customers using electronic mail or email is both a quick and cost efficient method. The email features built into The Uniform Solution enable you to easily email invoices, reports, and Account Statements.


When you select to Print an item, just select the "Email" button on the Printer and Output Selection dialog.

Select Print Button to Email

If the item you are printing is for a customer (or a vendor) their email address will be pre-filled on the email form. The item you selected to print will be sent as an attached PDF. Just make any changes necessary to the email and press "Send"

The Uniform Solution Email Form

Receive by the Carton

Using an Advance Ship Notice to receive merchandise has enabled large retailers like Walmart to implement highly accurate and efficient receiving operations. By downloading Advance Ship Notices from your vendor’s, you will know what items from what purchase order are in the cartons that were just shipped. When the carton arrives, the merchandise can be received by just scanning the carton’s shipping barcode on the box.

How Do You Receive By The Carton?

1. From the Receiving List, select the ASN button to download all new Advance Ship Notices from your vendors.

Get New ASN's

2. Start a new Receiving List, enter the Vendor, and select the "Add ASN" button.

ASN New Rec List


3. Scan the ASN barcode on the box from the vendor to move a "Carton" to the received column. You can also select the carton by matching the last 4 numbers in the ASN barcode and selecting the "Add" button. If you want to print price tags sorted by "carton", make sure you check the option to "Add each item in a carton to the tag queue. If an item is for a special order, the special order reference number will be printed on the price tag.

ASN Select Cartons