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Vendor Partnership Programs

At Diamond Data Systems, we are committed to advancing the uniform retailer and their business through the use of The Uniform Solution. Over the past 25 years, we have been able to help more than 1000 retail locations increase their sales, control their inventory, and reorder merchandise with ease.

During the last few years, we have made a concerted effort to "connect" our customers to their vendors with our Connected Partner Program. These "connected" services have not only dramatically improved the efficiency of the retailers business, but they have improved each vendor's relationship with their customer, reduced errors and staff involved in order entry and customer service operations, and have provided intangible benefits to both the retailer and the vendor. If your company is serious about the uniform industry, we strongly encourage you to become a connected partner with us. We are certain the benefits will easily outweigh the costs. Below you will find the partnership programs we are currently offering.

Basic Partner Program

Have your complete product line included in The Uniform Solution's Vendor Catalog. Pre-loaded inventory enables your customers to quickly set up and maintain your product line. In addition to providing us with your product listing, you can provide product images in a website folder that are automatically downloaded each time your product line is updated in The Uniform Solution. New product line submissions are posted for customers to download within 48 hours of receipt.


There is a set up fee of $695 and the program may be extended each July 1st for $695. Participating vendors will be billed July 1st for the renewal. If you would like to have your product line information included in The Uniform Solution's Vendor Catalog, simply provide us with your product listing in the format described below. We will import your information and include it in our next Vendor Catalog update.

All vendors that wish to have their product lines included in the Vendor Catalog will be required to have a UPC barcode number assigned to each item and a UPC barcoded tag printed and attached to the garment when it ships. Product lines must be kept up-to-date and lines that are out-of-date or submitted routinely delinquent will be removed.

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Catalog File Specifications
Product Image Specifications
Detailed Description Web Service

Connected Partner Program

$1,500/year plus $1.19/Purchase Order*

The "Connected Partner Program" is the key to establishing an efficient and productive relationship between the retailer and the vendor. The Uniform Solution enables retailers to send Electronic Purchase Orders to vendors, receive shipments using an Advance Ship Notice, see actual vendor stock levels in The Uniform Solution, and view images of items the vendor has available.

Becoming a "Connected Partner" opens the door to improved customer service, reduced order entry personnel, and an improved relationship with your customer.


The Connected Partner Program cost $1,500 to begin and renews annually on July 1 for $1,500. The only other cost component of the program is the cost of receiving purchase orders sent using Direct EDI during the 12 month term. The first 10,000 purchase orders received will cost $1.19 each. After receiving 10,000 purchase orders, the cost of each purchase order will be 38 cents each. You will be invoiced on July 1st for $1,500 to renew your Connected Partner Program, and continue to be invoiced Quarterly for EDI transactions.

Direct EDI

$1,500/year plus $1.19/Purchase Order*

Direct EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows users of The Uniform Solution to send an electronic purchase order directly to your FTP site - one that doesn't have to be entered by a customer service representative. This form of purchase order reduces order entry errors, increases efficiency, and saves you money by eliminating the need for an order entry person to manually enter each order you currently receive.

Advance Ship Notices

An Advance Ship Notice enables your customers to receive the merchandise you ship by the carton. Similar to EDI, you'll simply place a file on your FTP site that contains the shipment information for a customer order. Customers are then able to quickly and accurately receive shipments.

The Uniform Solution Advance Shipment Notice List

Real Time Vendor Stock Reporting

From the customer's perspective, this is one of the greatest features you could provide. By setting up a fairly simple Web Service, your customers can instantly see your stock available as they create orders for customers, purchase orders, or while they review their stock in our Inventory List. The feature is truly seamless in its operation and extraordinarily beneficial to the customer.

Product Images

The Uniform Solution displays images of products and color swatches in several procedures such as item selection in Sales Entry and Purchase Order Entry, and the Inventory List. Product images, color swatches, and brand logos are also displayed in the retailers WebStore. Vendors can provide images of their products in a website folder that The Uniform Solution can automatically download. This is a great feature that prevents the customer from having to download and assign an image to each inventory item provided by the vendor. At a minimum, a connected vendor would need to provide a single image that represents a style or product. Ideally image "swatches" would also be provided for each color or print so the customer will be able to view both an image of the style and the color or print pattern they are selecting. If it is possible to provide images of the style in the actual color or print (i.e. one image for a style and color code), The Uniform Solution will show this image to the customer when they make their selection. The Uniform Solution's Web Server only downloads an image from the vendor's hosting site one time. The image is stored and served locally from the site where The Uniform Solution is installed - so the bandwidth of the vendor's hosting site should not be an issue.

Participating Vendors

The Uniform Solution has been partnering with uniform vendors since 1996 when it began pre-loading the product listings from the major uniform suppliers. Today there are over 50 brands listed in the Vendor Catalog and over 35 vendors that "connect" with The Uniform Solution to provide: electronic ordering, advance ship notices, real-time stock reporting, and product images.

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