The Uniform Solution has taken the complex tasks performed by a uniform retailer or dealer and created a simple, flexible, and powerful structure for operating your business. No other point-of-sale software package is easier to learn, and no other package offers the uniform retailer or dealer the simplicity, efficiency, or the wealth of features provided by The Uniform Solution.

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Pre-Loaded Inventory

The Uniform Solution has over 300,000 inventory items from major uniform vendors that are maintained in the Vendor Catalog. When you start using The Uniform Solution, you won't spend weeks inputting your inventory. Simply copy the pre-loaded inventory items, set the retail price using a formula, then scan the UPC barcodes on the items in your store. When you are done, you will have an accurate inventory count, new price tags, and the ability to track your sales for each inventory item you set up.

We have pre-loaded inventory for all uniform industries. If you carry a large number of products from a vendor not found in our Vendor Catalog, the vendor can provide their product listing in a file formatted so it can be imported into your Inventory List.

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The Uniform Solution Responsive WebStore

The Uniform Solution WebStore

Creating an online store to sell items you have in your retail store just couldn’t be any easier. The Uniform Solution includes an integrated WebStore that operates seamlessly with The Uniform Solution and enables you to have both a retail store and an online store that are one in the same.

In the Uniform Solution, a WebStore Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up a fully functional WebStore in just a few minutes. After making a few selections like the items and departments to include, you’ll be ready to launch your online store where you can easily manage your WebStore orders in The Uniform Solution.

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The Benefits of Being Connected

The Uniform Solution is the only software program that can easily connect you with your vendors - saving you time and money. Diamond Data Systems has spent years developing relationships with uniform vendors, and creating new technologies that can harness the power and efficiency of the Internet and the connected world.

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Extend Your Reach with iOS and Android Mobile Phone

The Uniform Solution extends your reach to the sales floor and outside the store with apps for iOS and Android devices. Owners and managers will enjoy the Dashboard that provides a snapshot of the sales for the day, month, and year. Employees that work on the sales floor will be able to lookup inventory and view vendor stock levels just by taking a picture of an item’s barcode.


Complete Systems

Purchasing a complete system from Diamond Data Systems is the easiest way to begin using The Uniform Solution. Complete system packages offer you the convenience of one-stop shopping and a system that will arrive ready to use. Our systems include hardware from top quality manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Zebra, Epson, and others.

We also offer two fully integrated payment processing options - ChargeItPro and X-Charge. Process credit, debit, and gift cards on the point-of-sale and eCommerce site with ease.

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Network Multiple Locations in The Uniform Solution

Multiple Locations and Mobile Selling

If you own multiple stores or plan to expand your current operation, you can be assured that The Uniform Solution can accommodate your needs. The Uniform Solution was designed from the start to handle the complex needs of multi-location operations. Whether you have two stores or 50, The Uniform Solution can accommodate your inventory control needs in a simple, comprehensive, and versatile manner.

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Powered by Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server provides a robust, reliable, and scalable database for The Uniform Solution. With Microsoft SQL Server you can be assured that your data will remain secure and reliable while having the ability to scale to almost any size operation. The Uniform Solution includes and installs Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 by default, but you have the option to purchase and install Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 if you would like enhanced performance or have more than 20 locations.



The Best Payment Processing at the Best Rates!

UniformPay is The Uniform Solution’s best way to process credit and debit cards in your retail store, on your eCommerce site, and at customer locations.

UniformPay handles all the credit card processing needs of uniform retailers and dealers with ease, and offers the best rates you can find anywhere – even from your bank! The application process is fast and simple, and the convenience of full integration at the counter and your eCommerce site is even better.

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Requirements and Hardware Support

The Uniform Solution requires a 64 or 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system. Computers that act as the server must have Windows 8 or newer (desktop OS) or Windows Server 2012 or newer (Server OS) to work with Microsoft SQL Server.

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