Point of Sale

The Uniform Solution provides a uniform retailer or dealer with simplicity, power, and flexibility at the point-of-sale. Barcode scanning, item lookups, customer selection, and payment entry is straightforward and very fast. With The Uniform Solution, you’ll be thrilled with the speed of your checkouts and the detailed sales history of your customer purchases.

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The Scan/QTY Field

The Uniform Solution Scan/Quantity Field

The Uniform Solution achieves unprecedented speed at the point-of-sale by incorporating an intelligent entry field to accept new barcode scans or to quickly update items already on the transaction. The Scan/Qty field enables rapid barcode scanning, discounting, quantity changes, customer lookups, sale type changes, taxable option changes, and much more. After entering a request in the Scan/Qty field, you will hear a verbal confirmation of the result played over the computer’s speakers – helping ensure accuracy.

Item Entry

The Uniform Solution Item Entry

The Item Entry Form is used to add new items to a transaction if the price tag is missing or you just need to lookup an item. You can also use this form to set the item's price, discount, taxable properties, and whether an item must be ordered. Notice that "Styles" are entered by entering the brand, style, color, and size. All of the item entry fields use an intelligent fill mechanism and have a lookup button to the right of the field.
Also notice the Notes Tab and F6-Work Button. The Notes Tab enables you to enter a note for an item and the F6-Work Button enables you to select a Work Order and enter the details for a specific type of work to be done.


  • Create Sales, Special Orders, Layaways, and Quotes
  • Sell, redeem, or refund using Gift Cards
  • Automatically discount items for customers with a preset discount amount or assigned to a Contract
  • Add notes to an item on an invoice or to the invoice itself to reflect work order or monogramming requirements
  • Easily lookup items missing a price tag
  • Quickly add new customers or lookup existing customers by last name or phone number
  • Arrange the order of items on an invoice
  • Add special order items to regular customer purchases
  • Deliver Special Orders and Layaways and add additional items to the delivery invoice
  • Setup Special Orders as drop shipments and set a release date if needed
  • Take multiple payments and assign balances to a customer’s account, a third party, or to an employer for payroll deduction

Special Orders and Order Entry

Special Orders are an essential part of a typical uniform retailer’s business, and the cornerstone for dealers that require order entry capability and tracking. The Uniform Solution ensures your special ordering or order entry operation is a success by transforming what is normally a time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious process, to one that is simple and effective.

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The Scan/QTY Field

Creating and tracking special order items and customer orders for individuals and groups with The Uniform Solution is easy. For point-of-sale transactions, special order items can simply be added to a Sale along with the other items being purchased.

Customer orders, which may be more extensive or taken over the phone, can be entered as a Special Order Invoice. With either scenario, the special order items may include work order details and drop ship requirements.


Fulfilling special order items or a customer order is just as easy as taking them. Special order items and customer orders can be pulled from stock or are automatically added to new Purchase Orders for the appropriate vendor – making it easy to order, receive, and deliver special order items and customer orders to your customers.










Landau Package

Send Texts in The Uniform Solution


The Uniform Solution allows you to send text messages to your customers. Notify them that an order is ready for pickup, their order has shipped, or for any number of

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Customers are the life-blood of a retailer or dealer. With the Uniform Solution you will be able to provide the level of customer service consumers have come to expect from well-run businesses, and much more!

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The Uniform Solution maintains detailed sales and payment history by customer, and it facilitates faster, more accurate checkouts by keeping track of a customer’s price structure, their billing status, important purchasing information, tax or credit status, and their spending allowance.

Customer Features

  • Quickly add new customers or lookup existing customers by last name or phone number at the point-of-sale
  • View all Sales, Special Orders, Layaways, Quotes, and Gift Certificates from the Sales List for a customer
  • Keep track of a customer’s demographic information, first and last purchase dates, total sales for this year and last, classification and promotion codes, birth date, DL number, credit status, and taxable status
  • Enter customer notes with the option to have them automatically reviewed at the point-of-sale
  • Setup customer pricing to a preset discount off retail, a profit margin, a retail price level, or to a Contract price list
  • Assign customer billing to a third-party or an employer
  • Setup, track, and limit customers to a spending allowance
  • Print customer mailing labels or export the customer list to a file

Uniform Solution Employers inspecting Medical Clothing

Inventory Control

The Uniform Solution ensures excellent inventory control by providing the tools you need to enter, order, track, and receive your inventory items. The logical vendor, style, color, and size hierarchy makes apparel entry and item lookups clear and understandable. Stock levels are automatically maintained by performing any of the procedures in the program. Sell an item, and the quantity sold is deducted from stock. Place an item on a Purchase Order, and the quantity on order is updated. Set your desired stock levels and your Purchase Orders can be created automatically. All of the inventory control operations in The Uniform Solution are fast, efficient, and easy.

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Inventory Control Features

The Uniform Solution Style Form

Item Setup

    • Apparel items can have unlimited colors and sizes
    • Each style, color, and size combination can have a different cost and retail price
    • Track inventory in-stock, on-hold for a layaway or a special order, the quantity on-order, and the quantity on-order for special orders
    • Prevent items from being discounted at the point-of-sale
    • Set maximum and minimum stock levels for each item to facilitate automatic stock replenishment
    • Set up to 5 price levels for each inventory item


  • Automatically create Purchase Orders for items below reorder points, Special Orders, and items sold within a range of dates
  • Receive merchandise from a vendor by scanning the vendor’s UPC barcode
  • Print barcoded price tags for merchandise received from a vendor, after price changes, or for items missing a price tag
  • Quickly update cost and retail prices using the pre-loaded inventory in the Vendor Catalog
  • Transfer inventory between stores
  • Take physical inventories by scanning barcoded price tags or UPC barcodes

Contracts and Group Pricing

If your business sells to groups such as schools, industrial companies, hospitals, or police, postal and fire departments, the Contract Pricing features in The Uniform Solution are exactly what you need. The Uniform Solution contains Contract Pricing features that make keeping track of the special pricing and requirements of your groups manageable and easy.

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A Contract is simply a list of items that can be sold at a preset price, a percentage off retail, or a profit margin. Each item on the Contract can contain notes that are automatically transferred to an invoice when the item is selected for a customer assigned to the Contract. The Contract itself can also contain notes that can be automatically reviewed


Inventory Search on a Contract Form

By using the Contract Pricing features in The Uniform Solution, you will be able to easily set up, maintain, control, and view each Contracts performance – making your group pricing efforts simple and more profitable.

Work Order Entry

Many uniform retailers and dealers provide complex custom services such as embroidery, sewing, and much more. With the Work Order Entry features in The Uniform Solution, collecting and keeping the information required to perform these services accurately is simple.

The Uniform Solution has a Work Order Forms List that can be used to define the information that should be collected for each type of service that is offered. The Work Order Form can contain up to 15 entry fields, checkboxes, dates, drop lists with pre-entered selections or notes fields.

Work Order Forms are used during the checkout and order entry procedures. After entering an item on a Sale or a Special Order, a Work Order Form can be selected to enter the information required by the service being performed.

The Work Order details are saved along with the item and are printed just below the item on a receipt, invoice, or customer order.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is built directly into The Uniform Solution, so there is no need for third-party accounting packages to handle your billing and payment entry requirements. The Uniform Solution always keeps your Accounts Receivable information available at your fingertips.

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Creating an Accounts Receivable is easy. Simply enter a purchase, select a customer with the option to bill their purchases, and the program will track any invoice with a balance as a receivable. Customers can also be linked to other accounts (like an employee at a hospital or police department) that are allowed to bill purchases – enabling invoices to capture the actual customer and the customer that will pay for the balance due.

The Uniform Solution Payment Entry

Account Statements can be run for any customer at any time, and finance charges can be applied to customer balances. For accounts with heavy monthly activity, Summary Invoices can be created to summarize the individual purchases. If a customer has an email address set up for billing purposes, Account Statements can be easily emailed to any customer with an open balance.


The Uniform Solution contains a variety of reports that will help you manage and grow your business. They provide solid statistical information about your customers, your inventory, and your sales.

There are sales reports that rank your best selling items, list the profit and markup of items you have sold, and illustrate which vendors are your best and most profitable. There are also inventory reports that can be used to obtain a current inventory value, to show what to order, and to provide the information you need to set up maximum and minimum stock levels. Whatever your reporting needs, you will find The Uniform Solution delivers.

The Uniform Solution Responsive Customer WebStore

The Uniform Solution WebStore

Creating an online store to sell items you have in your retail store just couldn’t be any easier. The Uniform Solution includes an integrated WebStore that operates seamlessly with The Uniform Solution and enables you to have both a retail store and an online store that are one in the same.
In The Uniform Solution, a WebStore Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up a fully functional WebStore in just a few minutes. After making a few selections like the items and departments to include, you’ll be ready to launch your online store where you can easily manage your WebStore orders in The Uniform Solution.

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Multiple Locations and Mobile Selling

If you own multiple stores or plan to expand your current operation, you can be assured that The Uniform Solution can accommodate your needs. The Uniform Solution was designed from the start to handle the complex needs of multi-location operations. Whether you have two stores or 50, The Uniform Solution can accommodate your inventory control needs in a simple, comprehensive, and versatile manner.

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Network Multiple Locations in The Uniform Solution

Extend Your Reach With The iOS & Android Apps

The Uniform Solution extends your reach to the sales floor and outside the store with apps for iOS and Android devices. Owners and managers will enjoy the Dashboard that provides a snapshot of the sales for the day, month, and year. Employees that work on the sales floor will be able to lookup inventory and view vendor stock levels just by taking a picture of an item’s barcode.