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Training Incentive Program

At Diamond Data Systems, our goal is to make sure that you are getting the most out of The Uniform Solution. Work with your dedicated support rep to learn how become an expert. Choose any of the three categories below to complete. For every training category that you complete within your first 90 days, you will earn half-off a month.*

Ordering & Receiving

Get to know your inventory! Learn what you are selling, set up electronic ordering, and set stock levels to keep on hand for your most popular items. Once a shipment arrives, make sure your employees know how to get it into stock efficiently.

  Create a group of memorized reports to be run.  Date completed: ____

·         Top 40

·         Vendor Comparison

·         Open Special Orders

   Send three Purchase Orders via EDI to at least two different vendors.  Date completed: ____

   Set max/min levels for ten styles under at least two different vendors.  Date completed: ____

   Use an ASN (advanced ship notice) to receive your shipments into the program “by the box.” Date completed: ___


Communication & Delivery

The Uniform Solution helps you keep in touch with your customers. Make sure you are setup to take advantage of all communication channels. After stock comes in, ensure your employees know the delivery process for special orders.

   Set up at least one POS station to prompt to send receipts via email.  Date completed: ____

   Send a text message to a customer whose order is ready for pickup.  Date completed: ____

   Finish out the special-order process by “Delivering” the product on at least one invoice.  Date completed: ____


WebStore & Salesfloor

Make sure that you are reaching your customers 24/7. With the webstore they can easily shop online, see your in-store stock levels, and use contracts for group buying. The mobile app makes knowing what’s in stock on the salesfloor a click away.

   Take your WebStore live.  Date completed: ____

   Create a contract and activate it for use on the WebStore with a sign-in code.  Date completed: ____

   Set up and use the mobile app. Use it to check the stock level of an item in a particular size. Date completed: ____



Build out a custom website that attracts customers to your doorstep. With our established partnership with Seller’s Commerce, you can build a great looking website that imports orders directly into The Uniform Solution.

☐   Take your TUSe site live.  Date completed: ____

☐   Import five orders from TUSe into The Uniform Solution.  Date completed: ____

☐   Set up a deal and/or offer on TUSe.  Date completed: ____


UniformPay Integration

Take human error out of the equation and integrate your payment processing. UniformPay is the all-in-one integrated solution for your payment needs.

☐   Integrate UniformPay.  Date completed: ____

☐   Ask about adding gift cards.  Date completed: ____


*Limited to the first store for multi-store locations.


Incentives aren’t over! Refer a customer who signs up for
The Uniform Solution and get $200! gddg