When There's a POS & Order Management System Made Just For Retailers & Distributors, Why Use Anything Else?

When there's a POS and Order Management system made just for Uniform Retailers and Distributors,
why use anything else?

We've Got The Tools You Need to Deliver The Goods


The Uniform Solution makes it easy to offer select items and special pricing to agencies such as hospitals, schools, and police departments - both online and in store. Customers can make purchases on account or by payroll deduction.


Be ready for those In-store buys too. With integrated payment processing and modern software you can service your customers efficiently right in your storefront.


The Uniform Solution includes a fully integrated WebStore, which is a breeze to set up with just a few clicks. It works seamlessly with your Order Management System so customers can have direct access to inventory and pricing in a purchase portal 24/7 365.

We Got You.

The Uniform Solution has over 25 years of uniform order management experience that you and your customers can depend on.

Pre-loaded Inventory

The Uniform Solution is Pre-loaded with over 250,000 uniform inventory items from top brands.

Fully Integrated WebStore

Creating an online store couldn't be any easier. The Uniform Solution includes an integrated WebStore that adapts to any device and provides the perfect purchase portal.

Supporting Uniform Distributors & Manufacturers

The Uniform Solution includes is a proud supporter of the National Association for Uniform Manufacturers and Dealers and their members.

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