2015 5.76 N2

Release Notes

2015 5.76 N2

Friday, January 23, 2015

5.76 N2 Revisions

January 2015

  1. US Mobile App. The Uniform Solution Mobile app interface enables smartphone access to The Uniform Solution that provides a Dashboard for Owners and Inventory price and stock lookups for clerks. Set up multiple accounts and you can see the stock levels in real-time at remote locations. The “US Mobile” app is available in the Google Play store. Apple App Store and Windows Phone support is coming soon.You must have a WebStore Configuration defined and “active” at each location where you would like US Mobile access. Webstore configurations are defined by Selecting Setup > WebStore. Just follow the steps in the Wizard and make sure there is an active configuration for each “store” if you have multiple locations.You can verify the WebStore is “active” and working by selecting the WebStore button in the Toolbar. If this works, you will be able to log into the Web Server with the mobile app.Setting up US Mobile Accounts. You will need to set the IP address to the WebStore. Inside your store, you can use the IP address displayed in the browser if your smartphone is using WiFi. Outside the store, you will need to use the domain name that accesses the WebStore configuration or the public IP of your store. You will also need to set up port forwarding for external access. See the WebStore Guide on our website for more details or contact technical support.US Mobile Test Account. To verify your mobile device and app are working fine you can try our test account. Just enter either “demoowner” or “democlerk” in the Account Name field and the other fields for our test account will be entered for you.

5.76 N2 Fixes

  1. January 2015

  2. Remote Location Customer Updates. Customer data updated at a remote location during a sales entry transaction was not being retained in all cases when batching. Fixed now.
  3. PO Entry and Rec Entry. Attempting to change the vendor assigned to the transaction would fail if ItemLookup was used and another vendor code was looked up in the process of entering an item. Fixed now.
  4. Large Backup Files (*.bsql). Very large MSSQL backup files (8+ GB) could not be restored because the zip library reported a warning that halted the restore process. Testing revealed the MSSQL backup file in the zip archive will restore fine when the warning is ignored. Now ignoring this warning.