2015 5.77 N2

Release Notes

2015 5.77 N2

Friday, January 30, 2015

5.77 N2 Revisions

January 2015

  1. Help Revisions. The Help file has been brought up to date and has a What’s New section for 2015, 2014, and 2013. It also includes details on how to set up and use the Mobile App and the Mobile Device List (i.e. Setup > Mobile Devices). The Table of Contents has entries for “What’s New” and the “Mobile App”. Details for Getting Started with the Mobile App can be found in the Help for the Mobile App.

    ** Mobile App Status – US Mobile **

    Google Play Store. US Mobile is available in the Google Play Store. Just search for “uniform solution” to find the app.

    Mobile App for iOS. The Mobile App is waiting for approval by Apple. Once approved, the Mobile App will be in the Apple App Store.

    Windows Phone. We are completing the development on the Windows phone and hope to have it in the Windows App Store in February.

  2. Koi EDI. Koi has re-activated the EDI features to cancel backorders, ship complete, and ignore minimums.

5.77 N2 Fixes

  1. January 2015

  2. PO Entry and Rec Entry. Going to F7 lookup without entering a vendor on a new PO would result in error entering the vendor code after F7. Fixed now.
  3. Batch Discrepancies. The Discrepancies Tab for the Batch Log did not display the List properly. Fixed Now.