2015 5.78 N2

Release Notes

2015 5.78 N2

Friday, February 06, 2015

5.78 N2 Revisions

February 2015

  1. Crocs Shoes. FIGS is now providing vendor images for Crocs Shoes they have in the Vendor Catalog.
  2. WebStore Sub Account Listing. This was not showing the sub-accounts address or credit terms. Fixed now.
  3. Inventory Turns. Now reporting the Average Annual Inventory Turns on the Vendor, Department, and Product Comparison Reports. This helps you quickly identify the rate inventory is moving in each category. Also added the option to include or exclude special orders from the Sales totals. This may provide a more accurate Turn rate.
  4. WebStore Work Orders. Fixed an issue using an apostrophe in a work order prompt.
  5. US Mobile. Today’s Sales for the currently logged in user was not being reported correctly. This has been fixed.