2015 5.90

Release Notes

2015 5.90

Thursday, April 23, 2015

5.90 Revisions

March 2015

  1. 511 Images. Images from 511 are now downloaded automatically when the Catalog Utility is used. You can go get images for existing 511 products from the Vendor Table by selecting the “Get Images” button. At this time, 511 does not have images avilable to The Uniform Solution for all product images.
  2. Think Medical. Think Medical is now providing images for their products. You can go get images for existing products from the Vendor Table by selecting the “Get Images” button.
  3. Dansko. Dansko is now providing both Vstock and Images. Make sure you activate Dansko on the “Connected Tab” of the Vendor Form. You can go get images for existing Dansko products from the Vendor Table by selecting the “Get Images” button.
  4. Other Revisions

  5. Web Server and TLS 1.2. We are now using TLS v1.2 for SSL in the Web Server and for email to avoid the “Beast” attack. VStock is still using TLS v1.0 since only HH Brown works with TLS v1.2.
  6. Contract Items with a Work Order Assigned. Work Orders assigned to a CONTRACT item now add the Service Charge item if there is one assigned to the Work Order.
  7. Work Orders from Contracts. These can now be edited if the INI setting ‘AllowContractWorkOrderEdit=Yes’ is in the [startup] section of the WebStoreWS.INI file. This will be replaced by a future option to enable or disable this option on each contract item.
  8. Inventory Default Table. Applying changes to the inventory was very slow if there were a lot of recently deleted inventory items. This has been fixed.
  9. Ctrl + S. This key combination was being used to quickly Save a transaction while working on a Sale, PO, or Receiving List. Saving a transaction on these forms using a hot-key combination has been changed to use ‘Ctrl + Shift + S’. This enables ‘Ctrl + S’ to open the Sales List showing sales for the current Date (as previously supported).
  10. Month-End. The program now prompts you to run the Month-end at the start of each month.
  11. WebStore Groups on Menu. Groups selected from the left menu were showing all items in the WebStore even if limit to Group was active. This has been changed to only show items in the Group.
  12. Open Special Orders Detail Report. This report could skip printing items if there were work orders on the report. Fixed Now.
  13. XPressLink. The XPressLink interface could close down in some instances and cards could no longer be processed. This shouldbe fixed now.
  14. Email. Revised Email setup on the System Settings Form so TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.2 with “Explicit” settings can be specified. Also revised email sending to work with Microsoft Exchange Server and TLS 1.2 Explicit (use port 587).
  15. Sales Entry Email Address. The email address for the previously selected customer was not always cleared. Fixed Now.
  16. Sales Entry Get Customer Balance. In some instances the customer balance was not correctly retrieved. Fixed now.
  17. US Mobile. The mobile app was reporting the Sales for both the Clerk and the Salesperson. This has been fixed to only report to the Salesperson if there is one.