2015 5.96

Release Notes

2015 5.96

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5.96 Fixes

  1. Revisions and Fixes – September 2015

  2. X-Charge and EMV. Processing Debit and Credit with EMV devices has been added. Credit Card receipts will now indicate if a transaction used the EMV chip reader. It also prints a decline receipt for the customer as required for EMV transactions.
  3. WebStore Sales by Account. Selecting to sort the list by “Sold To” for Billed accounts with sub-accounts now works and enables you to locate a sub-account by last name.
  4. Transactions. Now using Native SQL transaction processing in the POS application – like the Web Server.
  5. Sales Entry. Fixed error reported when editing a sale from a store that is no longer included in the system.
  6. Customer Search. Optimized the search for faster results.
  7. Sales Invoice Export. Now exporting the po number.
  8. WebStore Content Pages. Content page sections were not being included in the Batch for use in WebStores at remote locations. Fixed now.