2015 5.98

Release Notes

2015 5.98

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5.98 Revisions and Fixes

November 2015

  1. White Cross and Sanmar Images. White Cross and Sanmar are now providing images of their products.Note: You will need to make sure have both SanMar and White Cross selected on Vendor Form (Purchasing > Connected Tabs).You can then highlight the vendor on the Vendor List and select “Get Images”.
  2. Onsite License and Mobile App. An on-site license will now load a Webstore configuration to make the mobile app functional. However, it will not allow the configuration to work as a WebStore.
  3. Implemented some testing procedures for checking XGift Gift Card balances in the WebStore.
  4. Pixel. Pixel was spelled “pixle” in one place and corrected.
  5. Barco EDI. Barco is now requiring EDI Orders to indicate the “Order Type”. The order types match those on their B2B site. If an order type has not been set, you must select it before sending the order EDI.
  6. EDI Prompt Off. You can turn off being prompted to verify you want to send an order EDI. Select the check box in the lower right of the Purchase Order Table.
  7. Krazy Kats EDI. As of November 25, 2015 Krazy Kats requires version 5.98 to EDI orders. They are using a new FTP server.