2015 5.99

Release Notes

2015 5.99

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5.99 RC5 Revisions and Fixes

  1. February 2016

  2. Catalog Utility. Enhanced the utility to show cost price changes for items that match UPC’s, but not style-color-size. Now the price can be updated for these items.
  3. Sanmar. Sanmar is now providing color swatches for their products and revised their color codes at the request of Reads Uniforms. Image files now use a new color code that should be more readable. Ideally customers that had existing Sanmar images should “Purge” their existing images before updating their Sanmar color codes with the Catalog Utility. To purge existing images from the Vendor List, select F10-Get Images, then select “Purge”. This will remove a huge amount of old image files. Once this is done, you can update the Sanmar color codes and the Web Server will download the new images.
  4. Healing Hands and Maevn. Vstock has been move to a new server for each of these companies.

5.99 RC4 Revisions and Fixes

  1. January 2016

  2. Catalog Utility. Fixed an issue with updating an item’s short description that could cause it to update each time the utility was run in certain cases. Also addressed an issues updating a color description when the vendor code was different than the code used by the Catalog.

5.99 RC3 Revisions and Fixes

  1. January 2016

  2. Catalog Item Descriptions. Some descriptions for styles were not always being updated. Fixed now.
  3. SanMar Vendor PO. If SanMar is defined as the “Connected” vendor on the Connected Options Tab of the Vendor Form, the color description prints on the vendor copy of a PO. This was at the request of SanMar.

5.99 RC2 and RC1 Revisions and Fixes

  1. December 2015

  2. WebStore Sub-Account Details. The amount spent in a listing of sub-accounts and their allowance was always zero. Fixed now.
  3. Catalog Description Discrepancy Report. This report would GPF. Fixed now.
  4. Customer List Filter. Some customer’s with blank emails were included when the filter set to exclude them. Fixed now.
  5. Barco EDI Order Types. We revised the “Re-order” option to be “At Once/Re-order” at Barco’s request.
  6. VFC EDI. Revised the EDI procedure to begin using the new server on Jan 2, 2016 when they have a planned change on their backend.