2016 6.05

Release Notes

2016 6.05

Sean Landry – Monday, October 31, 2016

6.05 New Features

6.05 New

  1. WebStore Gift Cards. Gift Cards issued through XGift can now be redeemed in the WebStore. Your will need to update your WebStore Configuration by checking the option to “Accept Gift Cards” and inputting the Gift Card credentials into the XGift setup fields.
  2. Shipping (UPS) System Interface. To make it easier to lookup a Ref No. of a transaction sent to a shipping system, the export has been revised to look up a barcode number of the Ref No. printed on either the receipt, invoice, or packing list. To print the barcode on receipts and standard paper, select Setup Store > Messages > Receipt and Invoice Printing Options and set “Print a barcode for the reference number on receipts and invoices” to true.
  3. Sales Entry Transaction Search. You can now Search for a sales Entry transaction using a new search utility called Sales Entry Search. Select Activities > Sales Entry Search, or press Ctrl+Shift+S. You can either scan a receipt barcode or type the reference number by hand. You can also locate all transactions paid by matching the last 4 digits of a credit card. Very cool. Once a transaction is found, you can Edit the transaction of “Deliver/Adjust” items just like the Sales Table, or Print the transaction.
  4. User Interface Enhancement. With large wide screen monitors in use in many retail stores, most users will benefit from using a larger font in the application. By default, a “medium” size font will be automatically set, with the option to make it smaller or larger. You will find this new setting in Setup > This Computer > General Tab > Font Size.
  5. WebStore Order Type (Invoice or Special Order). The default type of transaction created by the WebStore can now be set to either a “Sale” or a “Special Order” in the WebStore Configuration. This default WebStore transaction type can be overridden for a “Billed” customer if needed. To set the default WebStore transaction type, Select Setup > Webstore > Shopping Cart > Settings, and then set the “Default Order Type” to either “Sale” or “Special Order”.
    To override the default WebStore Transaction type for a “Billed” customer, select to update a customer and go to the WebStore > Billing Tab. Set the “WebStore Order Type” to either: Use Default, Sale, or Special Order.
    WebStore “orders” that are delivered now set the eCommerce flag for the new invoice to help with Reporting.
    **Please note that the Default Order Type of a WebStore transaction will only be overridden by the customer setting if the transaction is “Billed”.
  6. Rollup Billing. Invoices for multiple Store Account customers can be included in single Account Statement or Summary Invoice for a “Rollup Account”. Just assign the “Rollup” Store Account to each Store Account you want included in the combined statements. All this is done on the Billing Tab of the Customer Form. Use the new setting “Create account statements and summary invoices in a “rollup account” checkbox and select the Rollup Account.
  7. Payment Entry Rollup Accounts. If you are using the new Rollup Billing option for Store Accounts, Payment Entry lets you enter a “Rollup Account” and apply a payment to any of the billed accounts or their sub-accounts.
  8. Payment Entry Sub-Account Invoice Rollup. A new checkbox “Rollup transactions for sub-accounts” has been added to Payment Entry. This lets you enter a single payment against the entire balance for a sub-account when entering payments. The amount is applied to the oldest invoice first for the sub-account.
  9. Automatic Batch Starting. If you set a start time to “..go off-line and begin polling” under Setup > Multi-Location Polling, the station set to run the batch will now automatically start the batch 2 minutes before the Batch is set to begin “IF” it has not already been started by selecting Activities > Daily Batch Update Process > Start button. This will help stores where the clerk sometimes forgets to start the Batch at the end of the day, but leaves the station running.
    Automatic Batch Starting does not prevent stores for starting and running the Batch manually as in previous versions. It only starts the Batch at the preset time if it is not manually started by Selecting Activities > Daily Batch Update Process.
    While the batch is waiting to begin polling at a set time, one minute before the batch is set to begin, the polling station will NetMessage all active stations to notify them the program will close down. All active stations will close down and the Batch will begin on-time.
    To see the next time the Batch will automatically start, look on the Activities Menu below “Daily Batch Update Process” on the station configured to run the Batch.
    When the station to run the Batch is shutdown, a warning message is now displayed telling the user that the station must be running for the Batch to run as planned.
    Auto-Start Improvements: (1) The batch will auto-start if waiting at the User Logon window (2) If a station is logged into the SQL Server and goes to sleep and the program becomes unresponsive, the polling station should now ignore this station and start (3) If stations have crashed and inflated the user count the batch station will still begin as long as it is the only station currently logged into the SQL Database.
    Auto-Start Limitations. They are a few exceptions that will prevent the Polling station from starting. One exception is if the polling station or other stations are displaying a system message (i.e. Message Box with OK or other buttons).
  10. Edwards Garment. Edwards Garment is a “Connected Partner” and is providing EDI VStock functionality. You can contact Jennifer Cochran at 269-910-7387 or edi_notify@edwardsgarment.com to get your account set up. Make sure you set Edwards Medical on the “Connected Tab” of the Vendor Form to activate the connected functionality, and thank your sales rep for their participation.
  11. ChargeItPro for eCommerce. The WebStore can now process credit cards with ChargeItPro. If you use ChargeItPro for Retail, there is no additional cost to process credit cards in the WebStore if your eCommerce volume is propotionally smaller than your retail. Check with ChargeItPro for more details.
  12. Allowance Notice. A message is now displayed when doing a return on account with a customer that has an expired allowance. The clerk is notified that the allowance amount spent will not be updated.
  13. Finance Charges. A checkbox to skip “inactive” customers has been added to the Activity used to assess finance charges to past due invoices. You now have the option to include inactive customers or not. By default the option to exclude them is selected.
  14. Sales Entry. The Sales Entry window now displays a sub-accounts Employee ID above their name. If the employee ID is not set up for the sub-account, you can quickly enter the ID by pressing F3 (to Edit the Customer) on Sales Entry then F3 again to select the Employee ID on the Customer Form. Selecting F3 on the Customer Form is always active and a quick way to jump to the Billing Tab.

6.05 Revisions

  1. Sanita EDI. Sanita has moved their FTP Server to a new address. This new version is required to send them EDI orders.
  2. Batch Log Table. Discrepancies now sort with the most recent first.
  3. CID EDI. Options to select pre-defined Promo codes for EDI orders has been added for CID.

6.05 Coming Soon (Maybe v6.06)

  1. Sales Entry Multi-Tender Returns. The ability to tender multiple payments for a return has been added. This is in Beta right now and being used by selected customers. Unless activated by our support team, multi-tender return is not available. If you would like to activate this feature, please contact Technical Support. This feature will be released soon.

6.05 Fixes

  1. Restoring Backups. Restoring a backup produced an error message and would then exit the application. This was a regression in 6.02 and has been fixed.
  2. Remote Inventory. A problem has been fixed in the batch that could result in some inventory items not being correctly received at a remote location. Note: You can select to send all inventory to a remote location in the Batch settings at the polling location or adjust pricing up and back down for a single vendor to resend just a single vendor.
  3. Catalog and Discontinued Items (1). Improved the process of marking a style as discontinued when there are no active sizes. The style will now be marked as discontinued.
  4. Catalog and Discontinued Items (2). Improved the process of marking a style as discontinued when an alternate vendor code is used and there are no active sizes. The style will now be marked as discontinued.
  5. Deliver/Adjust Sales Table. If a PO Receipt is being edited, it should not have been possible to start this process when an item was on both the PO Receipt and the Special Order. Fixed Now.
  6. Catalog Sort Orders and Sizes. If a size already existed in the Catalog Standards, the sort order was not being updated so it could be updated in the Inventory List. Fixed Now. Sort orders in the Inventory List will match the Catalog List.
  7. SQL Query Options. Increased query to 20K from 5K.
  8. Batch Regression. Fixed a Regression in 4.05RC1 that could cause the batch to fail when updating data records.
  9. WebStore Phone Numbers. It was possible for phone number entry to skip formatting a US number if the user pressed the Enter key vs the Tab key after entering a phone number. Fixed Now.
  10. Batch Errors. In some instances, errors were not being logged to the Batch Log. Fixed now. Also fixed another regression that could result in a batch error. Fixed in RC9.
  11. VStock Server Not Found. Fixed an issue that reduces the time to recover from a vendors system not being available.
  12. Batch. Regression fixed in RC9 for RC10.
  13. Invoice Totals. Printing all special order transactions from the Receiving Table could sometimes print the incorrect total. Fixed Now.
  14. WebStore Work Order Customizations. Changing the size of an item in the cart would add a second work order charge to the cart when auto-add for a contract work order was used. Fixed Now.
  15. Paypal. Enhanced Paypal error reporting.
  16. Emailing PDF’s. PDF’s that were attached to an email were not using a pdf file name entered by the user. The name of the PDF was always using the default name for the PDF. This has been fixed.
  17. Customer Table. The Customer Table was not properly filtering when the email option was active. Fixed now.
  18. WebStore Discontinued Items. If an item was marked as discontinued, it included the item incorrectly unless the WebStore included discontinued items with stock available. Fixed Now.