2017 6.07

Release Notes

2017 6.07

Sean Landry – Thursday, February 02, 2017

6.07 Revisions


  1. Sales Entry Multi-Tender Returns.The ability to tender multiple payments for a return is now possible by pressing F10-Multi-Pay.
  2. ChargeItPro Gift CardsCIP Gift Cards issued in the Retail Store can now be redeemed in the WebStore. Both ChargeItPro and X-Charge can process credit and gift cards in Sales Entry and in the WebStore. Debit cards with PIN access can Only be processed in Sales Entry. Please see our “Pricing” page on our website for details using on ChargeItPro and X-Charge (from OpenEdgePay).
  3. Connected Updates. Some vendors have been removed from the list of Connected Vendors with integration. These include: Akesso, Allegra Brands (Gel Scrubs, New Balance), Best Medical Wear, Crocs Medical Apparel, Figs, Initial This, LT Apparel, MDF, Spectrum.
    Life Threads added Vendor Stock reporting. Revisions to product image downloads have been made for Landau Chefwear, Classroom by Cherokee, Red Kap, Wrangler Workwear, and Uncommon Threads.
    IquanaMed has also revised their VStock reporting.
    White Swan has improved the speed of their VStock reporting.
  4. Barcode Merge Utility. The Barcode Merge Utility can be used to facilitate the merging of locations that have not been batching and have inventory barcodes that do not match each other. Please talk with a Technical Support rep for details.
  5. Memorized Report List. The list was displaying the store number incorrectly after updating a report. Fixed now.
  6. Account Statement and Summary Invoices. Running a report for a customer with lots of accounts assigned to a Rollup Account did not work properly. Fixed now.
  7. Receiving Entry. After selecting GetASN’s an error could be displayed if canceling the process. Fixed Now.
  8. WebStore SSL.3DES encryption has been removed from use in the Web Server while using a SSL certificate to meet recent PCI standards. If your Web Server’s SSL cert requires 3DES to properly function, you can use 3DES by adding SSLCipher=DEFAULT to the [startup] section of the WebStoreWS.INI file.
  9. SQL Server Running. If the station running the program cannot connect to MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server is installed on that station, the user is prompted to check and see if SQL Server is running. If it is not running, the Service will be automatically started by Service Control Manager.
  10. WebStore Content Page and Email.You can easily create a link on a Content Page to an email address. Use the token %$EMAIL$emailaddress:TextonWebPage%. Example: %$EMAIL$sales@landuniform.com:Contact Us%
  11. WebStore Orders.Now keeping “pending orders” waiting for payment in the checkout process for 30 days. Keeping the pending order for 30 days lets Technical Support review why orders were declined.
  12. Month-End.The Month-End Process has been enhanced to run the month end a 2nd time for remote store locations if needed. If your data for remote locations is too extensive, or you just want to keep less transactions for remote locations, you can set up the Month-End to run a second time and remove more information for the “remotes”.
    a. On the Web Server, edit the WebStoreWS.INI file.
    b. Add the section [MonthEnd] at the bottom of the file
    c. Add the entry, stores=xxxx, where xxx is a list of stores
    separated by commas or with a dash.
    stores=1-99. This setting will activate the month end for a second pass and run it for all “remote” stores.
    stores=2,3. This setting will activate the month end for a second pass and run it for store 2 and 3 if they are a “remote” store.
    d. Enter the months to keep for each of the following:
    inv=12. Keeps 12 months of remote location invoices
    po=1 Keeps 1 month of remote location po’s
    rec=2 Keeps 2 months of remote location receiving lists
    tcl=6 Keeps 6 months of remote location time clock entries
    tlo=6 Keeps 6 months of remote location user activity logs
    invpaid=1 Only deletes invoices if paid. Use 0 to delete all invoices
    recpaid=1 Only deletes rec lists if paid. Use 0 to delete all invoices
    ** Very Important ** if you do not enter the above entries, the item will default to the standard settings for the month-end plus it will delete all invoices and receiving lists regardlesss of paid or not.
    [MonthEnd] stores=1-99
    The above setting will delete all remote location transactions up to the current month when the month end is run
    e. Running the Month-End. When the month end is run, it will display both the Month-End settings for the local stores and the remote stores if the Month-End second pass is active.

6.07 Fixes

  1. Catalog Utilities. (1) In some instances a catalog failed to save. Fixed now. (2) In some instances new catalog items could not be copied to inventory. Fixed Now.
  2. Sales Invoice Qty Totals. The totals printed on a receipt or invoice were including items on Backorder if the invoice was a delivery form a Special Order. Totals no longer include items on Backorder.
  3. Install Program Update. In some cases after installing a program update, the program still prompted the user to install an update after it was successfully installed. Fixed now.
  4. Restoring Backups. In some cases restoring a backup was unable to complete because exclusive access to the SQL DB was not granted. This should be fixed.
  5. Export Inventory. Exporting inventory included “blank” deleted items. Fixed Now.
  6. WebStore Vendor Codes. Vendor codes with a “&” in the code would not display product listings for the vendor. Fixed now.
  7. Sales by Month. Sales by Month Reports run for January 2017 reported figures for February 2016. Fixed Now.