2013 4.50M

Release Notes

2013 4.50M

Monday, December 09, 2013

4.50 New (June 2013)

  1. Peppergate (Allegria) EDI. Peppergate has implemented Direct EDI so you can now send your orders electronically.
  2. Sales Detail by Transaction Export now exports the name of the Contract along with the items on the transaction. This can now be used to determine the sales for each Contract over a period of time.
  3. Print Contract Name on Invoice. You can now print the name of the Contract below each item on the 8 1/2 x 11″ Laser/Inkjet paper option. To activate this feature, select Setup > Store > Update Store Settings > Messages Tab, Receipt and Invoice Printing Options button > Layout Tab and set “Print Contract Name” to print for “All” transactions or just “WebStore” transactions.
  4. Sales List WebStore Tab. The WebStore transactions will now show the name of the Contract that was used for the transaction. If more than one Contract was used for the items, the Sales Table will show the text “Muliple Contracts”.
  5. Hide Item Price in WebStore. You can now elect to hide the Item and Compare price for items in the WebStore when there is a Customer price displayed. Just check the box on the Stock Tab of the WebStore Configuration Form.
  6. October 2013

  7. Strategic Partners EDI. Added the ability to specify UPTG, UPT1, UPT2, and UPT3 on EDI orders. The UPT stands for UPS third party, G=Ground, and 1=3 the number of day service to request. You must have your UPS account number on file with Strategic and you should verify the first order you submit uses your account number as expected.
  8. November 2013

  9. Sales by Month Comparison Report. This report now has the option to group the sales for each month by customer.
  10. Department Compairson Report. This is new report that provides Open to Buy Information by Department. This report lists Sales, Receiving and Transfers, Inventory, and Open PO’s all by department. There is an option to export the report to CSV format and can also export to Management One.
  11. Management One Interface. The Department Comparison Report can also export the information in the Report to a Management One format. Management One is a professional service organization that can provide Open to Buy analysis to help increase your store sales. This feature currently requires a fee and a license to activate. Call us for more details.
  12. December 2013

  13. Scrub Works EDI. Scrub Works has implemented EDI and is in Beta. If you would like to send your orders via EDI, you can contact Diane Jennings at 866-842-7631 or info@scrubworks.net. Make sure you set Scrub Works as the Company on the “Connected Tab” of the Vendor Form.

4.50 Fixes (June 2013)

  1. Web Server and Remote Desktop. Addessed an issue where the Web Server could lose communication with the POS application when Remote Desktop or Terminal Services was used. This new implementation will require Terminal Service users to select the datapath the first time they login with this new version.
  2. WebStore and User Images. Addressed a couple of issues with user added images where the images didn’t show when a color was selected on the item details page.
  3. WebStore Password. The password saved for the WebStore Login cannot be greater than 16 characters. It did allow 20, but this has been fixed on the Customer Form.
  4. November 2013

  5. CID EDI Contact. The EDI contact number for CID has been corrected.
  6. Department and Product Comparison Reports. The Markup values was not being calculated. This has been fixed.
  7. Multi-Vendor Import. The Detailed Descripton was not getting updated for styles with a new detailed description in the import file. If you import Detailed Descriptions you will have to make sure all detailed descriptions for the entire “style” have the same Detailed Description or the style will contain the last Detailed Description in the import file since a “Style” only has one detailed description.