2014 4.60M

Release Notes

2014 4.60M

Friday, May 09, 2014

4.60 Revisions

  1. January 2014

  2. Payroll Deduct Message. The main accounts name in the Payroll Message can now be inserted multiple times in the store message printed on receipts by using “&Name” more than once. See the help for more details.
  3. Scrub Works EDI. Scrubs Works has requested a revision to the EDI file that is sent to them.
  4. White Cross EDI. White Cross is migrating to a new FTP site. Orders are now sent to the new address. The old FTP site will work in parallel for some time.
  5. Batch Process. Changes were made to the Batch process to make it both TPS and SQL compatible.
  6. Backups. Added an option to backup files without images and other linked files to reduce the backup file size. Now also including the registered name in the default backup file name. These features are primarily for sending backups to development for review.
  7. February 2014

  8. Pepergate Footwear. Peppergate EDI orders now combine like UPC’s into a single line item.
  9. Spectrum Uniforms Images. Spectrum Uniforms is now providing product images. Make sure you select “Spectrum Uniforms” on the Connected Tab found on the Vendor Form.
  10. Detailed Item Sales. Fixed a bug in RC4 that made the report GPF when run.
  11. Web Order Notification. Fixed a regression in 4.50 that caused the arrival of a Web Order to no longer play a sound a show the “Alert” message (if active on the WebStore Config).
  12. WebStore Credit Card Orders.The last 4 digits of a customer’s credit card number was not being correctly saved for printing and viewing. This is a regression in 4.50 and has been fixed.
  13. March 2014

  14. Web Server Shutdown. The Web Server could shutdown when writing an error message. This is a regression in 4.60 and has been fixed.
  15. MDF and Nursemates EDI. MDF and Soffte Shoe have implemented Direct EDI with The Uniform Solution. You’ll need to activate the Vendor on the “Connected Options Tab” on the Vendor Form for each vendor, and contact these vendors to set up your EDI account.
  16. WebStore Groups.If the WebStore is limiting items to displayed to a Group/Contract, only sizes that are on a Contract are now displayed.
  17. Progress Windows.Now show better progress on PO’s, Rec Lists, Sales, and Contracts when loading lists with 200 or more items.
  18. VStock Sales Entry.Fixed an issue with VStock updating slowly after making a change to an item on a transaction.
  1. April 2014

  2. TPS to SQL Sync. Made several changes to keep the TPS and SQL version in sync.
  1. May 2014

  2. Images for Vendors. Adar and Akesso are now providing images for their products. CID now has images for all products. To make sure your are getting images for all vendors that provide them, go to the Vendor Form > Purchasing Tab > Connected Options Tab and use the drop list to select the appropriate “Connected” vendor.