What Am I Really Paying For?

Let’s be honest. Running a business is expensive. It often feels like the to-do list keeps getting longer and there is always a bill due. As a business owner, it’s crucial that you understand where every dollar goes. Choosing the right point-of-sale system is vital to running a successful retail store, and The Uniform Solution is an investment in your business. Continue reading “What Am I Really Paying For?”

Boost Your Business with Group Buying

As any uniform retailer will tell you, repeat customers are the best customers. In the uniform industry, if you’re doing it right; you’re offering special pricing to your biggest customers. Do you target and sell to particular schools or hospitals? Do you want to?

The Uniform Solution allows you to create contracts and offer special pricing to your most prominent customers. Just enter a list of items, any special pricing, and that’s it! Your groups can shop on the WebStore or in-store.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to set up your contracts and group buying options, so you can begin targeting the big groups that’ll boost your business.

Continue reading “Boost Your Business with Group Buying”

Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Experience all the The Uniform Solution+ has to offer. With the latest version of the program, version 6.05 boasts some of the most crowd pleasing features to date. When you download the latest version of The Uniform Solution+, you’ll experience an all-inclusive point-of-sale system with features that rival major retailers. Check out what your program can do. Continue reading “Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control”

Set Up Alternate Sales Tax Rates

The end of summer is historically known as the “Back-to-School” month. With that, each state boasts its’ own tax free weekend geared towards individuals getting ready for the school year. Tax-free weekend is also a big weekend for uniform retailers, and The Uniform Solution program is ready to help you handle the influx of business efficiently. Continue reading “Set Up Alternate Sales Tax Rates”