Help Me. Help You

We’ve all been there. Reaching out for help and not getting the answer you need. Something you thought would be a simple fix, now has become a very frustrating experience. A bad experience with support can alter your entire outlook on a company.According to statistics published in the Huffington Post, “84% of consumers are frustrated when the agent does not have information”. This is a powerful statistic and one that businesses are starting to take notice of.Providing valuable customer service is the top priority of The Uniform Solution Team.In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss all of the support tools available to you and how you can get answers when you need them.

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Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Experience all the The Uniform Solution+ has to offer. With the latest version of the program, version 6.05 boasts some of the most crowd pleasing features to date. When you download the latest version of The Uniform Solution+, you’ll experience an all-inclusive point-of-sale system with features that rival major retailers. Check out what your program can do. Continue reading “Version 6.05: More Capabilities. More Control”

Set Up Alternate Sales Tax Rates

The end of summer is historically known as the “Back-to-School” month. With that, each state boasts its’ own tax free weekend geared towards individuals getting ready for the school year. Tax-free weekend is also a big weekend for uniform retailers, and The Uniform Solution program is ready to help you handle the influx of business efficiently. Continue reading “Set Up Alternate Sales Tax Rates”

Streamline the Receiving Process Using ASN’s

Much like big-box retailers, The Uniform Solution program also offers ASN’s or Advance Ship Notices. ASN’s are an easy way to quickly receive inventory in The Uniform Solution program. Utilizing ASN’s in the program when they are available, will save you a lot of time when creating receiving lists for new inventory and allow you to see what inventory is being shipped to you. Let’s take a look at how you can use them. Continue reading “Streamline the Receiving Process Using ASN’s”

Connect With Your Vendors: How to Use EDI Ordering

Utilizing the EDI-Ordering Connected Features option in The Uniform Solution program will ensure that you are maximizing your return-on-investment. Between Direct Electronic Ordering (EDI), and your ability to check your vendor’s stock status, our partnerships with popular uniform vendors provide a seamless retail point-of-sale experience. You have the ability to send purchase orders directly to popular vendors through The Uniform Solution program. Let’s take a look at how that process works. Continue reading “Connect With Your Vendors: How to Use EDI Ordering”