The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server Released

We are excited to announce that The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server has been officially released! By harnessing the power of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, everything about The Uniform Solution is better. Transactions, reports, and searches are now super-super fast. And because the data is stored in a secure area inside SQL Server, anti-virus software can no longer cause problems with the data integrity like it currently can. Say good-bye to corruptions and hello to the platform that will extend The Uniform Solution and your business well into the future.

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The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server Status and More

I hope you are off to a great start this year! We are really excited about some of the changes coming up for The Uniform Solution in 2014 and hope you are too. After more than three years of planning and development, we are just a few months away from launching The Uniform Solution+ with SQL Server! This exciting upgrade to The Uniform Solution is really a super upgrade that is going to dramatically improve the speed and reliability of The Uniform Solution. Below you’ll find more details, but first we have a very important notice about Windows XP. At the end of the email, you’ll also learn about a new low cost option Accelerated Payment Technologies is offering merchants with lower volume WebStore sales. Continue reading “The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server Status and More”

The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server

This past year we continued to see growth in the uniform industry with more health care professionals entering the workplace. I hope you have been a part of the growth by offering the best selling merchandise and expanding the access your customer has to your business. With The Uniform Solution’s WebStore, your customer can easily look up items, check your stock levels, and make Group purchases with their pricing. One of our customers was surprised at how easy it was to set up access for a large group that ended up placing over 800 orders in just a few days. If you don’t have a WebStore, it’s time to get started. Continue reading “The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server”