The Life Cycle of a Purchase Order

Understanding how to create a purchase order and receive inventory is vital for using The Uniform Solution software efficiently. Using the software’s inventory controls will save you a lot of time and effort. With spring around the corner, let’s brush up on best software practices by going through the life cycle of a purchase order. First, we’ll cover the different ways to create a purchase order. Then, we’ll go through how to send a purchase order in the program. Lastly, we’ll dive into what should be done once an order arrives. Continue reading “The Life Cycle of a Purchase Order”

End Of Year Process For 2015

As the New Year approaches, The Uniform Solution Team wants to ensure that you are prepared. Completing a physical inventory and running these End-Of-Year reports will put you ahead for 2016, and with The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server it’s easier than ever.

Before moving on, create a folder on your machine titled “EOY_2015” – this is where we will save the data from the following reports.

Continue reading “End Of Year Process For 2015”

US Mobile Available in Google Play Store

We are excited to announce that The Uniform Solution Mobile has been officially released for Android and is available in the Google Play Store! Development is complete for iOS, but we are waiting for approval by Apple for US Mobile to be approved and available in the Apple App Store. We are completing the development on the Windows phone version and hope to have it in the Windows App Store in February. Continue reading “US Mobile Available in Google Play Store”