Texting in The Uniform Solution

Send Texts Directly in the Program

The Uniform Solution has integrated with Twilio to bring you texting! We are bringing you the ability to stay in constant contact with your customers. The Uniform Solution allows you to send text messages to your customers in the program. Notify them that an order is ready for pickup, their order has shipped, or for any number of purposes.

Send Texts in The Uniform Solution

Upgrade Your Twilio Account and Send Unlimited Texts

When you update to version 6.20, texting services are already included. Each year you are allotted 500 texts per location to send for free, or you can sign up for a Twilio account and send as many texts as you want. With a Twilio account, you can also receive replies from the text you send.
Click here to learn how to configure a high-volume Twilio account in The Uniform Solution.