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Creating an online store to sell items you have in your retail store just couldn’t be any easier. The Uniform Solution includes an integrated WebStore that operates seamlessly with The Uniform Solution and enables you to have both a retail store and an online store that are one in the same. In the Uniform Solution, a WebStore Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up a fully functional WebStore in just a few minutes. After making a few selections like the items and departments to include, you’ll be ready to launch your online store where you can easily manage your WebStore orders in The Uniform Solution.

Serve Your Existing Customers Better

The Uniform Solution WebStore enables you to extend your retail business to the internet where you are able to serve your existing customers and the local market better. Today’s customer expects to be able to lookup items online before they call or head to a store. They also like to buy from the same stores online where they shop in-person. By having your store online, you can keep your customer’s online business with you. You also give them the best of both worlds: the option to shop and buy online along with the option to come into your store to shop and make returns or exchanges.

Sales History
The WebStore allows your customers to access their sales history reports with ease. Once signed in your customer can click on My Account and Sales History to view previous purchases.

Payment History
The WebStore allows your customers to access their payment history reports with ease. Once signed in your customer can click on My Account and Payment History to view previous payments.

My Account
My Account provides your customer with a dashboard of information where they can modify user/password information, edit billing/shipping information, view group pricing information and view or modify 3rd party billing options.

Seamless Integration

Both The Uniform Solution and the WebStore have the same information. Sales, orders, inventory items, images, and customer information always match in the WebStore and The Uniform Solution. Add a new order in the WebStore and the Sales Table in The Uniform Solution automatically refreshes – it couldn’t be more seamless.


The WebStore Configuration Form in The Uniform Solution contains all the settings, preferences, and selections to define the operation and the look and feel of a fully functional WebStore. The WebStore utilizes a pre-designed “framework” that incorporates user definable graphics, pages, and menus to make each WebStore as unique as possible. The framework has been modeled after several of the largest eCommerce sites in the country to ensure the WebStore will look professional, tasteful, and handle the data-driven demands of a large eCommerce site. 

The WebStore Configuration

The WebStore Configuration Form in The Uniform Solution contains all the settings, preferences, and selections to define the operation and the look and feel of a fully functional WebStore.

Content Pages

Content Pages are web pages that are used by a WebStore Configuration to display “content” (text and graphics) in the lower right portion of the Browser for a WebStore. A Content Page can be used to display a *.htm or *.html file, or can be user defined.

Pre-Defined Content

The WebStore has pre-defined content like “Shop by Brand”, Sign-in, the Customer Menu, the Employee Menu, etc. This predefined content is called by menu items and objects.

Groups Are Key To Your Success

Selling to groups in your geographical area with the WebStore is key to your on-line success. Most uniform retailers generate a great deal of business from group sales. By setting up the items that a group will buy on a Contract, you can give each group a “Group Sign-in” that in-turn provides them a listing of items in their group with the pricing established by the Contract.

When selling on-line to a group the first step is to setup a Contract. Contracts are used to provide discounted pricing for specified accounts, or to conduct store wide sales for all customers. By using the Contract Pricing features in The Uniform Solution, you will be able to easily set up, maintain, control, and view each Contracts performance – making your group pricing efforts simple and more profitable. The WebStore tab allows the group to access the WebStore by simply assigning a Sign-In Code. A graphic can also be added to be displayed when the group user signs in to your WebStore. This provides your group with a custom look and feel in seconds.

Group Sign-In Code
Provide your customers the Group Sign-In Code created while setting up a contract. After the user signs in using the code they will be directed to items specific to their contract, pricing and a custom graphic image.

How Does It Work?

The Uniform Solution includes a Web Server that is installed on the “Server” where The Uniform Solution’s data resides. By forwarding your router’s IP address to the “Server”, the WebStore can be reached by using a Browser from anywhere in the world. See the WebStore Guide or the online help in The Uniform Solution for more details on WebStore Deployment. 



The WebStore Web Server is designed to handle approximately 25-50 simultaneous Browser sessions with typical broadband internet access at the installation site. Increasing the bandwidth of the broadband internet access and the speed of the computer where the Web Server is installed will have a positive impact on performance. In installations with 3 or more computers, it is often ideal to have a dedicated computer acting as the “Server."

Security Concerns

The WebStore Web Server does not use IIS (Internet Information Services). IIS creates a much greater security risk than the stand-alone Web Server. Our Web Server uses proprietary technology and great care has been taken to make the product reliable and secure. We strongly recommend using SSL to create a secure connection for each session that accesses the WebStore.

The Uniform Solution Webstore vs. Traditional eCommerce

The Uniform Solution WebStore is a robust data driven eCommerce site that provides tremendous value by leveraging the information maintained in The Uniform Solution. The Uniform Solution WebStore has a predefined framework that can be customized by the user in selected areas such as page content, menus, graphics and items to include. Traditional eCommerce sites have been custom development projects where each individual site owner can add any feature or option that they want, provided they pay hourly rates for a web developer to implement them. The Uniform Solution’s WebStore is a powerful application with full integration with The Uniform Solution, but it is not possible to change the basic framework of the design on a site-by-site basis.

Shipping Options

The WebStore displays shipping options that are specified in the WebStore Configuration Form. Shipping options are set up in the Shipping Options List in The Uniform Solution. Currently the shipping amount can be based on a minimum amount and have an option to calculate an amount based on the item total or invoice sub-total.



One Time Setup Fee: $0

Contracts: $10/each. Max $50/month.                                         *Only billed as active on months with transactions

Additional Shop by Stores: $30/month/store

Over $50,0000.25%